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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Intermediate Determinations - BAH Rate Protection

By YNCM A. Elias


Due to a backlog of BAH Rate Protection requests, SPO auditors may start BAH at the "protected rate" in advance of the final approval from PSC. Auditors should use their best judgment when starting members' BAH upon reporting. 

The BAH Rate-Protect request must still be submitted and final approval received from PSC. SPO/PSIs should set up a tracking system to ensure final approval is received by the end of FY 2022.


  • Members should never be given the ‘A’ code to stop their BAH… this is disruptive to their livelihood and families.
  • The SPO will need to make an intermediate determination. The only applicable scenarios are those listed on the CG-2025A, Per, Chapter 3.C of the CG Pay Man.

Typically, members in receipt of PCS orders (that fall within the scenarios listed on the CG-2025A) are entitled to BAH for where their dependents are located. Start BAH for:

  • Previous duty station (if dependents are at the previous duty station and not relocating per orders), or
  • Dependents location (if dependents are relocating to the designated place of dependents via govt orders, or previously lived in a location away from the previous duty station.)  

For requests based on local no-cost PCS orders, pay close attention to the RCD (Reasonable Commuting Distance) - The residence must be within 50 miles or 2 hour round trip commute from both the previous and new unit. (Google maps, DTOD, etc can be used.)  The second layer is reviewing the unit summary to confirm if the member was previously stationed and returning to a unit where the housing decision was previously made.

There are limited scenarios that are a bit more complicated. Feel free to message directly (teams chat works great) if you need assistance with an intermediate determination (resending requests to the BAH distro list will only add to the backlog….)  

The incoming BAH Rate Protection Program manager (Benefits Programs Section) will be reporting at the end of July.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and flexibility.


YNCM A. Elias
Personnel Service Center (PSC)
Personnel Service Division-Field Support (PSD-fs)
Military Programs Section – Program Manager
Weight Abeyance Request / Military Travel Authorizations
(ERD, Secondary DLA, Dependent Student Travel, FEML, Emergency LV and Med Travel)