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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Fiscal Year 2023 Reserve Order Guidance



  1. This guidance applies to reserve orders starting in early FY23.
  2. Short Term ADOS-AC orders, non-contingency related.
    1. The funding unit shall provide the FY23 Project, Task, Funding Org, and Expenditure Types for orders to the order issuing staff. There is no ability to obligate FY23 funding in FSMS at this time, so the obligating document number should be left blank on the orders. Within Direct Access, the orders will return an invalid response on the accounting elements but may be approved and placed into a Ready status, and an En route status upon reporting. This status will start the member's active duty pay. None of the following accounting transactions will impact the pay of our members.
    2. The funding unit is responsible to maintain a record of these out-of-FSMS obligations and to generate FSMS obligations as soon as FY23 funding is available for obligation at the local level. The funding unit is responsible to provide the obligation document to the order issuing staff.
    3. The order issuing staff is responsible to enter the funding document into the existing orders within Direct Access, ensuring that all accounting elements align with the FSMS obligation. The complete obligation information, including obligation doc number and POET must be updated on the orders in Direct Access and saved. Errors in accounting information will generate errors in the file load into FSMS and will be returned to the originators for corrections.
  3. Contingency Orders
    1. The current build in Direct Access will apply a FY22 Task to the proper accounting elements, but will allow the orders to progress to an En route status and start the member's active duty pay. The Direct Access system update to apply FY23 accounting to contingency orders is in final review. CG-832 will take responsibility to correct accounting for all contingency orders.
  4. Long Term ADOS-AC orders
    1. Requesters must work through their Cap Manager, noted in ALCOAST 279-22. The Cap Manager will request a new Long Term ADOS position through CG-832. All pay will be charged to the Military Pay account. No accounting will be present on the Long Term ADOS orders. Members will be paid from the Military Pay account associated with the Long Term ADOS position. The requestor, through the Cap Manager, will provide a FY23 POET that will be used to refund the Military Pay account for all personnel related expenses, to be collected after full budget distribution.
  5. Active Duty for Training (ADT-AT, ADT-OTD, and IADT) and Short Term ADOS-RC orders.
    1. Prior to orders authorization, the Servicing District (dxr) shall validate the Funding Department ID and associated FY23 Project, Task, Funding Organization, and Expenditure Types for the orders. There is no ability to obligate FY23 funding in FSMS at this time, so the Cost Total fields in Direct Access for pay and FICA should be entered as zero. The Funds Check Status and Obligation Status will display 'New', but the orders may be authorized and placed into an Authorized, Ready, and an En route status upon reporting. Placement of the orders in an En route status will start the member's active duty pay. If travel is required, travel must be initiated in ETS and the Travel line on the DA orders shall not be obligated. If travel is initiated in ETS, the DA order notes shall include the POET information to be used for ETS created travel. Additional travel guidance is located in ALCGFINANCE 035-22. The Servicing District (dxr) is responsible to maintain a record of these preliminary obligations and to update the pay and FICA Cost Total fields with accurate cost estimates as soon as funding is available.
  6. Questions on this policy should be directed to Mr. Monty Holcombe, CG-832. Questions on Reserve funded orders should be directed to LCDR Alisa Harkins, CG-R82.
  7. CAPT W.A. Budovec, Office of Resource Management (CG-83) sends.
  8. Internet release authorized.