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Fiscal Year 2022 Closeout Guidance



R 071440Z SEP 22 MID200080183010U
A. Financial Resource Management Manual (FRMM), COMDTINST M7100.3F
1. The following closeout guidance is for Resource Management
Offices (RMOs), Administrative Target Units (ATUs), Allotment Code
Holders, HQ program allowance managers (as defined by REF (A)), and
all subordinate units. At a minimum, all units and fund managers
shall comply with specified dates in paragraph 2. REF (B) addresses
undelivered order (UDO) validation and review policies and procedures.
REF (C) provides reimbursable (seller) closeout guidance. REF (D)
describes FY22 CG-83 4th Qtr funds "sweeps" policy.
2. Key FY22 Closeout Dates (all times are Eastern Daylight
Time (EDT)):
Sep 09 - Deadline for Enterprise Support's Real Estate Management
Division (REMD) to enter rent into USCG's financial system
Sep 09 - De-Commit remaining balances for awarded contracts related
to residual funds on awarded PRs
Sep 14 - CG-835 Stages R-Fund POETs for Unfunded Orders on WebADI
Template for mass upload
Sep 15 - Second sweep of uncommitted funds
Sep 15 - New FY23 IFCs must be entered in FSMS annotating the start
Sep 15 - CG-835 Stages R-Fund POETs for Funded Orders on WebADI
Template for mass upload
Sep 15 - Routine funds transfer deadline
Sep 17 - Last day to input invoices to be paid by Treasury in FY22
(does not include "no checks")
Sep 25 - Last day to submit MILSTRIPS
Sep 26 - All travel actions, including approval of travel vouchers
and funding for travel authorizations(TAs) must be completed in
order to be processed in FY22
Sep 26 - Last day to submit IPACs
Sep 26 - Last day to submit IPAC chargebacks
Sep 26 - Last day to initiate out going IPACs
Sep 26 - Last day for ACO Approvals
Sep 26 - Last day for USCG to zero out Reimbursable balances prior
to year end
Sep 26 - Last day for ACO Approvals to guarantee Treasury payment
in FY22
Sep 26 - Cutoff to submit re-classes to FINCEN by 1200 HRS EDT
Sep 27 - Final payment batch for FY22 submitted to Treasury
Sep 27 - Last day to enter funds transferred by 1700 HRS EDT
Sep 29 - Last day for recording deposits/receipts in the AR module
Sep 29 - Last day to send Treasury cash deposits
Sep 29 - Cutoff to submit re-classes to FINCEN by 1200 HRS
Sep 29 - Last day to input emergency obligations by 1800 HRS EDT
Sep 30 - Systematic cancellation of all remaining PRs (commitments)
for the obligation of funds, need non-obligated funded PRs available
until 2359 HRS EDT
Sep 30 - Last day to cancel all Purchase Orders for cancelling
Sep 30 - Last day to process and load JVs by 1200 HRS EDT
Sep 30 - Last day for capitalized property transactions
Sep 30 - Last day (at 1400 HRS EDT) to record FY22 deposits to the
USCG Lockbox or Treasury General Account, including U.S. Currency
deposits by hub airports. This deadline applies to deposits that are
requested to a specific LOA.
Sep 30 - Last day to enter, submit and approve a contract award in
Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) by 2359 HRS EDT
Sep 30 - G-Invoicing Implementation - Federal Program Agencies (FPAs)
must have entered all new and existing agreements into G-Invoicing by
2359 HRS EDT
Oct 03 - IAA Distribution of Budget Authority to Funded Orders
(FS Form 7600-B)
Oct 04 - FSMS opens with limited functionality
Oct 07 - Last day to access Treasury for cancelled accounts
Oct 07 - Programs validate R-Poets Funding level for Funded Orders
(FS Form 7600-B) within FSMS
Oct 15 - FY23 accounts funded and available for use in FSMS
3. Commitments: The following directions apply:
A. It is the responsibility of each unit to provide a complete,
actionable PR package to the procurement and contracting officer.
B. Each unit must review each commitment that is over 30 days old for
validity; commitments no longer needed must be de-committed.
C. It is the Program Manager's responsibility to contact the appropriate
contracting officer to ensure a contract/order/MIPR is obligated prior
to the end of the fiscal year.
D. Open commitments will be systematically canceled/reversed on
30 SEP 22 at 2400 EDT.
4. Unfunded Order Requirements:  If a reimbursable agreement will not
be in place prior to the beginning of new fiscal year, Programs must
submit a temporary use of fund request via memorandum to the CG-835
Reimbursable Program Manager for approval. The memo must request
budget authority for distribution to required R-POETs in the absence
of a funding document (from a customer). Programs should encourage
the ordering agency/customer to provide Funded Orders (FS Form 7600-B)
as soon as possible in the first quarter or soon after the ordering
agency Departmental Appropriations Act becomes Public Law. Regardless
of a Funded Order or an Unfunded Order, all commitments, obligations
and expenses shall be recorded in appropriate reimbursable accounts
vice O&S.
5. Obligations:
A. All required FY22 obligations shall be approved in CLM no later than
30 SEP 22 at 2359 HRS EDT.
B. Funds no longer needed which meet at least one of the following
criteria shall be de-obligated daily during the month of September:
(1) Residual balances after the vendor has completed delivery and
received full payment.
(2) Undelivered items which are no longer needed and/or project
orders/contracts which have been cancelled.
(3) Errors in accounting requiring correction prior to clearing an
outstanding balance.
(4) Initial obligations determined to be invalid.
(5) Reductions of previously recorded obligations.
C. Financial managers that use a POET or line of accounting as a
centralized holding account and/or centralized obligation document
(common in BPR Tier I units) shall reduce associated obligations in
CLM appropriately prior to FY closeout in order to prevent redundant
D. In an effort to clear any outstanding obligations and finalize
all open items, it is the responsibility of the field units or
servicing BPR Regional Support Team (as appropriate) to contact
vendors and request submission of all outstanding invoices.
6. Per REF D, Units and Allotment Code Holders should target the
following spenddown rates by 15 SEP 22: at 100% for all allotment
codes facilitated by CG-83.
7. The Project and Task Status of Funds report will be used to
determine spend down rates. During previous FYs, CG-83 has
demonstrated a willingness to be flexible with units not meeting
spend down targets providing an adequate plan was in place to
execute funding. Due to the nature of FSMS and budgetary constraints,
the 15 SEP 22 cutoff date will be strictly enforced. The below
link is a helpful tool that will consolidate all projects under a
chosen allotment code:

(REF D).
8. The above discussion does not apply to energy distributions.
Due to energy price fluctuations, energy distributions will be on a
monthly basis beginning in Q4 (REF D).
9. Allotment code budget officers should coordinate directly with
PPA managers to ensure any needed balances are available in cases
of known balance errors in the new system. While the spending cutoff
dates will be strictly enforced this year, allotment code budget
officers can contact their PPA manager if they have exceptional
circumstances that are impacting their balances.  CG-83 worked in
conjunction with FINCEN to ensure that utility obligations and GV
obligations are sufficient to cover the remainder of the FY prior
to the 25 JUL 22 cutoff date. If these efforts are not effective,
remaining required balances for utilities and GVs will be taken
into account prior to funds being swept (REF D).
10. If you are aware of any unneeded funds, please work with your
respective financial managers to facilitate returning the funds
(REF D).
11. ETS/E2 Solutions Travel Authorizations & Travel Vouchers:
For deferred travel or travel which starts in FY22, travelers
should submit a travel voucher for FY22 expenses incurred as
soon as possible. The deadline for entering travel
authorizations/obligations in ETS is 15 SEP 22. Travelers and
approving officials are responsible for verifying that
claimed expenses are posted to the proper FY POET based
on the following guidance:
A. Airfare - post to FY in which travel began
B. Rental Car - post to FY in which travel began
C. Gas post to FY in which travel began
D. Parking - post to FY in which charges were incurred
E. Hotel - post to FY in which charges were incurred
F. Per Diem - post to FY in which charges were incurred
G. Other - post to FY in which charges were incurred.
These procedures apply to all TDY vouchers submitted via E2
H. Further guidance for FY22 pending vouchers will be sent
at a later time
12. Purchase Card and Fleet Card: For the Operations & Support
(O&S) appropriation, purchase card purchases will be charged
to the FY based on the purchase or order date of the transaction.
13. Utilities: Utility costs are charged to the FY in which the
meter is read or the service period ends. If the meter is read on
01 OCT 22 or later, then FY23 funds should be charged.
Likewise, telephone service that ends on or after 01 OCT 22
should be charged to FY23. The units will have to follow
guidance to establish FY23 obligations for services.
14. Purchases of services or supplies are chargeable to
the FY in which the purchase is approved.
15. Invoice/voucher processing: Commercial Invoices received
by FINCEN (approved by COR, with correct receipting and funding)
by 17 SEP 22 are guaranteed to be processed and paid. All invoices
received after that date, may not be paid until after FSMS returns
online, estimated 04 OCT 22.
16. Points of contact for additional questions are as follows
A. CG-83 - Office of Resource Management, William.A.Budovec@uscg.mil
B. CG-84 - Office of Financial Policy, Reporting and
Property, Danilo.R.Mendoza@uscg.mil
C. CG-86 -Office of Financial Systems, Stephen.J.Weagraff@uscg.mil
D. FINCEN - Commanding Officer, Michael.V.Danish@uscg.mil
E. CG-833 - Budget Execution Division - James.H.Pafford2@uscg.mil
F. CG-835 - Reimbursable Management Division - Rochita.R.Jackson@uscg.mil;
Jerry.Algarin@uscg.mil; Leslie.M.Martin-Freeman@uscg.mil
G. Travel Payments - Michael.A.Duchossois@uscg.mil
H. Purchase Card -Ngozi.Ofili@USCG.mil);Purchase.Card@uscg.mil
I. FINCEN - Financial Reporting - Emilie.C.Kratchen@uscg.mil;
J. FINCEN - Financial Operations - Tonya.R.Hughes-Scruggs@uscg.mil
K. Purchase Order Payments - Valarie.M.Surncey@uscg.mil
L. Contract Payments - Stephen.D.Reagan@uscg.mil
M. Lease Payments - Adrienne.P.Coston@uscg.mil
N. Credit Card Payments - Adrienne.P.Coston@uscg.mil
O. Utility Payments - Adrienne.P.Coston@uscg.mil
P. Claims - Adrienne.P.Coston@uscg.mil
Q. Customer Service - (757) 523-6940
R. Personal Property Physical Inventory - CG-PHY-INV@uscg.mil
S. Capitalized Personal Property - Darryl.A.Carver@uscg.mil
T. Leased Equipment - Shehu.Bello@uscg.mil
U. CG-83 PORTAL PAGE - https://cglink.uscg.mil/2ceec843
V. CG-913 CLM (Contracting Support - HQS-SMB-FSMS@uscg.mil
W. CG-913 Policy Help CG913POLICY@uscg.mil
X. Fleet Card Program HQS-SMB-DHSFleetCard@uscg.mil
17. Request widest distribution of this message, as appropriate, to
all subordinate units and activities.
18. Ms. Jane B. Kiggins, SES, CG-8C, Comptroller, sends.
19. Internet release authorized.