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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Updated to Military Assignments and Authorized Absences


R 301241Z MAR 23 MID200080854865U
ALCOAST 126/23
SSIC 1000
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B. DoD Directive-type Memorandum 23-003, "Bereavement Leave for
Service Members"
1. This ALCOAST updates REF (A) to authorize non-chargeable
bereavement leave for military members, in connection with the death
of a spouse or child per REF (B).
2. Added sub-paragraph 2.A.5.j of REF (A) to read:
"2.A.5.j. Bereavement Leave.
     (1) Bereavement leave is a period of up to 14 consecutive days
of non-chargeable absence granted to a member who has fewer than
30 days of accrued leave on the date of their spouse or child's
death occurring on or after 25 June 2022.
     (2) A member who has 30 or more days of accrued leave on the date
of such death is not eligible for bereavement leave until the
member's accrued leave is fewer than 30 days. If the member's
leave account is reduced below 30 days while taking regular or
emergency leave, any remaining authorized leave up to the limits
described in this policy, taken in connection with such death will
be converted to bereavement leave and not chargeable to the member's
leave account.
     (3) The 14 consecutive calendar day period of bereavement leave
is authorized to begin as early as the date of the spouse's or
child's death and must end by the date that is no later than 14 days
after the deceased person's funeral, burial, or memorial service,
whichever is last.
     (4) The member's CO may extend the start date of bereavement
leave if the member is operationally deployed or is stationed
outside the continental United States when the death of a spouse
or child occurs.
     (5) Any bereavement leave remaining unused at the time of
separation or retirement from active service will be forfeited.
     (6) Bereavement leave that is not taken by the time a Reserve
Component member is released from active service will be forfeited.
A period of active service may not be extended to permit the member
to take bereavement leave."
3. Bereavement leave is retroactive to 25 JUN 2022. Members whose
spouse or child died during the period between 25 JUN 2022 and this
ALCOAST and used regular chargeable leave in connection with
such death, and who meet the criteria of this policy, may request
such leave be restored through their local P&A Shop.
4. The term spouse for bereavement leave is defined as a person who
is lawfully married to a member.
5. The term child for bereavement leave is defined as:
    a. A person born alive who is a biological, adopted, step, or
foster son or daughter of the member;
    b. A person who is a legal ward of the member or was a legal ward
of the member when the person was a minor or otherwise required
a legal guardian;
    c. A person for whom the member stands in loco parentis or stood
in loco parentis when the person was a minor or otherwise required
someone to stand in loco parentis; or
    d. A son or daughter of the member's spouse as described in
sub-paragraphs 5.a. through 5.c. above.
6. Bereavement leave will be captured in Direct Access (DA) as
non-chargeable leave using the "bereavement" dropdown option. Event
date will be date of death of spouse or child.
7. These changes will be reflected in the next revision of REF (A).
All other policies outlined in REF (A) not addressed remain
8. This message will be cancelled on 29 MAR 2024.
9. Questions regarding this ALCOAST may be directed to Office of
Military Personnel Policy COMDT (CG-133) at:
10. CAPT M. M. Roebuck, Acting Director of Military Personnel
(CG-13), sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.