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Note: The issue which was preventing the issuance of PCS orders and entitlements has been resolved.  If you continue to experience issues with your PCS orders or entitlements, the Pay and Personnel Center PCS Assist Team is standing by to assist (844-727-2022, PCSAssist@uscg.mil).

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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches



R 281912Z SEP 23 MID600053370963U
ALCOAST 360/23
SSIC 7220
A. Special Duty Pay (SDP), COMDTINST 1430.1Q
B. Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29D
1. This ALCOAST announces results of the FY23 Special Duty Pay (SDP)
and Assignment Pay (AP) Panel that convened on 17-18 Apr 2023. The
SDP and AP levels recommended for FY24 were carefully balanced
against compelling needs, base resources and organizational
2. The monthly rates of pay for each of the SDP and AP levels are
indicated below:
 SD-1 - $75 AP-1 - $75
 SD-2 - $150 AP-2 - $150
 SD-3 - $225 AP-3 - $225
 SD-4 - $300 AP-4 - $300
 SD-5 - $375 AP-5 - $375
 SD-6 - $450 AP-6 - $450
3. This ALCOAST authorizes SDP and AP levels to begin in FY24
(01 Oct 2023 and not before) and that are anticipated to remain in
effect until the end of FY24 (30 Sep 2024 and not after), contingent
upon Congress extending the authority to make payments. Monetary
interventions may be reduced or terminated with not less than 30
days of advance official notice by ALCOAST.
4. Specific FY24 SDP and AP authorizations and levels, along with
applicable eligibility criteria, are published on the PPC, Military
Accounts Support (MAS) site's Latest Pay Rates and Benefits -
Special Duty Pay (SDP) and Assignment Pay (AP) page located at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
5. FY23 SDP and AP levels remain in effect until 30 Sep 23, at which
time they will terminate. Effective 01 Oct 23, the enlisted
assignments and select officers published at the above webpage are
authorized SDP or AP, as appropriate, for FY24 at the indicated
levels. The corresponding SDP or AP Code must be used when entering
SDP and AP transactions into Direct Access.
6. Reservists performing any type of duty, including Active Duty
for Training (ADT), Inactive Duty Training (IDT), Active Duty
Operational Support (ADOS), and Involuntary Recall, are entitled to
SDP or AP on a prorated basis if assigned to a Reserve Personnel
Allowance List (RPAL) billet or performing duties for which SDP or
AP is authorized by this ALCOAST. Reservists serving in RPAL billets
for which SDP or AP is authorized on IDT or ADT are not authorized
SDP or AP if ordered to voluntary active duty assignments involving
duty that isn't eligible for SDP or AP. Reservists ordered to
involuntary active duty are authorized continuation of SDP or AP
authorized for their RPAL IDT assignment, if otherwise eligible. 
Reservists must meet the eligibility requirements listed above in
order to be eligible for SDP or AP.
7. General Guidance for all SDP and AP authorization.
a. Members may not concurrently receive both SDP and AP. If a
member is eligible to receive both SDP and AP payments in any 
respective category, they may elect which Special Pay (SDP or AP)
they wish to receive.
b. Members may not concurrently receive two categories of SDP.
(1) If a member is serving in a billet which is authorized
SDP, and meets the eligibility standards for another SDP, the 
member is authorized the higher of the two pay amounts.
(2) If a member meets criteria for two categories of SDP
with equal pay levels, the member is authorized SDP for the
category that best matches their primary position at the unit.
c. Effect of injury, illness, or disability on continued SDP or
AP eligibility.
(1) In the event a member is injured, falls ill, or is
otherwise physically disabled while performing the duty for which
SDP or AP is paid, SDP or AP may be paid for up to 90 days during
treatment for the condition that would otherwise render the member
ineligible for the special pay. The SDP or AP will be suspended on
the 91st day following the disqualifying injury, illness, or 
physical disability.
(2) Any injuries, illness, or physical disabilities incurred
under any circumstances that are not directly related to the 
performance of duty for which the SDP or AP is paid will result in
suspension of the special pay effective the day the member's CO 
determines the member is no longer able to perform the duty for 
which the special pay is authorized.
8. SDP and AP commences on the date a member reports to an eligible
position and meets all applicable eligibility.
9. SDP and AP eligibility terminates the earlier of the following:
a. The day before the member departs under PCS orders;
b. The date the member is removed from duty by competent
authority (e.g., relief for cause);
c. The date the member is no longer qualified (e.g., required
qualifications lapse, is no longer in the rotational watch schedule,
TDY); or
d. The date a member departs a unit with no expectation of return
prior to separation or retirement (e.g., leave or administrative 
10. Responsibilities:
a. Members authorized SDP or AP under this ALCOAST shall:
(1) Read and understand the conditions for eligibility for
their respective special pay in this ALCOAST;
(2) Notify their CO of any condition or circumstance that
might affect their eligibility for continuation of SDP or AP; and
(3) When their eligibility for SDP or AP has been terminated
or suspended on account of transfer or other reasons, review their
statements of semi-monthly income (payslips) to confirm that the 
special pay previously authorized is no longer credited to their
pay accounts. If the special pay has not been stopped when it
reasonably should have, members must set aside the suspected
erroneous payment for eventual repayment and notify their
administrative office in writing of the suspected overpayment.
b. COs must promptly notify their servicing Personnel and
Administration Office (P&A) of members' SDP or AP eligibility or
loss of eligibility, including certifying the documentation for a
reservist. P&As must regularly review affected members' continued
eligibility for SDP or AP and take timely action in Direct Access 
when members lose eligibility.
c. P&As must submit the proper Direct Access data entry to
commence or terminate SDP and AP payment as appropriate.
11. REFs (A) and (B) outline SDP and AP policy. Questions about SDP
and AP eligibility should be directed to the appropriate HQ program
manager. For questions regarding SDP and AP policy contained in
REFs (A) and (B), contact COMDT (CG-1M12) via email at
12. RADM M. W. Raymond, Assistant Commandant for Military Personnel
(CG-1M), sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.