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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Competency Dictionary Updates May 2024


The Competency Dictionary has been updated effective May 2024: Competency Dictionary (a spreadsheet that shows all authorized competency codes and descriptions) has been updated by Commandant (CG-1B-1). 

There have been 42 competency changes since the latest dictionary was published, and changes since the latest update are in blue font on the spreadsheet. The changes are as follows:

32 Competencies created:

  • DATALYI               Data Analyst I
  • DATALYII              Data Analyst II
  • BASSOPER           Biometrics Operator
  • AMIA                    AMIA 10x10 HI Certification
  • HS20                      Aviation Physician Asst
  • HS21                      PA-Designated (APA-D)
  • HS22                      Hyperbaric Medical Officer HMO
  • HS23                      Dive Medical Officer (DMO)
  • HS25                      Marine Medicine Specialist
  • HS26                      Psychiatric PA or NP
  • HS27                      Emergency Medicine PA or NP
  • HS28                      Health Informatics MO
  • HS29                      Orthopedic PA or NP
  • PHY000                 Initial Resident
  • PHY001                 General Medical Officer
  • PHY002                 Family Medicine Physician
  • PHY003                 Internal Medicine Physician
  • PHY004                 Pediatrician
  • PHY005                 Preventive Medicine Physician
  • PHY006                 Occupational Med. Physician
  • PHY007                 Aerospace Med. Physician
  • PHY008                 Emergency Medicine Physician
  • PHY009                 Psychiatrist
  • PHY010                 Aviation Medical Officer (AMO)
  • PHY011                 Flight Surgeon
  • PHY012                 Undersea Medicine Officer
  • LMRWC                 West Coast LMR BO
  • FASTTECH            FAST Team Technician
  • FASTLEAD            FAST Team Leader
  • HRESFLD              HR Field Enlisted Evaluation
  • TWH-ER                TWH Eng Rep - AVI
  • EM20A                  Gyro Compass Tech

7 modified:

  • ALSORCAN          All Source Analyst
  • CRYPTAN             Cryptologic Analyst
  • CRYPTDP              Cryptologic Deployer
  • HR-DAO               HR Decedent Affairs Officer
  • HS18                      Physician Assistant - Senior
  • HS19                      Physician Assistant-Master
  • SIGLA                    SIGINT Language Analyst

3 Inactivated:

  • DATANLYS           Data Analyst
  • STA-CDO              Station Command Duty Officer
  • INT-JDA                 Intelligence Joint Duty Assign