Units reporting directly to Headquarters, although they may be geographically distant.

Academy (CGA), New London, Connecticut (CG-1)

Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) Elizabeth City, North Carolina (CG-4)

Air Station Washington DC (CG-7)

Asset Project Office (APO), Baltimore Maryland (CG-9)

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology Service Center (C4ITSC), Alexandria,Virginia (CG-6)

Counterintelligence Service (CG-CI), Washington DC (CG-2)

Cryptologic Group (CG-CG), Fort Meade MD (CG-2)

Cyber Command (CGCYBERCOM), Arlington VA (CG-2)

Director of Operational Logistics (DOL), Norfolk VA (DCMS)

Finance Center (FINCEN), Chesapeake, Virginia (CG-8)

Health, Safety, and Work-Life Service Center (HSWLSC), Norfolk Virginia (CG-1)

Hearing Office (CGHO), Arlington, Virginia (CG-094)

Intelligence Coordination Center (ICC), Washington DC (CG-2)

Investigative Services (CGIS), Arlington VA (CG-2)

Legal Services Command (LSC), Norfolk VA (CG-094)

Marine Safety Center (MSC), Washington DC (CG-5)

Marine Safety Laboratories, Groton, Connecticut (CG-5)

National Data Buoy Center, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (CG-5)

National Maritime Center (NMC), Martinsburg, West Virginia (CG-5)

National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC), Arlington, Virginia (CG-8)

National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC), Falling Waters, West Virginia (CG-5)

Navigation Center (NAVCEN), Alexandria Virginia (CG-5)

Personnel Service Center (PSC), Arlington Virginia (CG-1)

Research & Development Center (RDC), New London, Connecticut (CG-9)

Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC), Baltimore Maryland (CG-4)

Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC), Norfolk Virginia (CG-4)

Uniform Distribution Center (UDC), Woodbine, New Jersey (CG-1)