The first annual Coast Guard Contracting and Procurement Enterprise Recognition Ceremony at headquarters Feb. 13, 2018, included seven awards that honored 21 people total. From left: Janice Preston, contract specialist lead for Civil Engineering Unit (CEU) Oakland, California; Tim Gerhart, contracting officer for the Surface Systems Contract Division; Lilian Librodo, contract specialist lead for CEU Oakland; Michael Hassett, contract officer and team lead for the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center; Elaine Rachko, branch chief for Base Support Services West; Yvette Johnson, purchasing agent team lead for Surface Forces Logistics Center Baltimore; James Knight, Coast Guard deputy chief acquisition officer and director of acquisition services; Kweilin Hollis, procurement analyst for the Coast Guard’s Office of Procurement Policy and Oversight; Soraya Correa, Department of Homeland Security chief procurement officer; Michael Derrios, Coast Guard head of contracting activity and senior procurement executive; Al Curry, deputy assistant commandant for engineering and logistics; Rear Adm. Melvin Bouboulis, assistant commandant for engineering and logistics; Nanette Cicolini, branch chief for contracting and procurement supporting the Command, Control and Communications Center; and Ashley Radtke, contract specialist for the Aviation Logistics Center’s Medium Range Recovery Product Line. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Ashley Bailey-Rachel.

Coast Guard Recognizes Outstanding Contracting, Procurement Enterprise Employees

March 23, 2018

The ceremony featured seven awards honoring employees in the Contracting and Procurement Enterprise, which includes professionals across the Acquisition; Engineering and Logistics; and Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology (C4IT) directorates. More than 100 attendees joined featured speakers Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz, deputy commandant for mission support, and Soraya Correa, Department of Homeland Security chief procurement officer, in recognizing the accomplishments of the award recipients.

In her opening remarks, Stosz extended congratulations to the entire enterprise and thanked everyone for their support. Michael Derrios, the Coast Guard’s head of contracting activity (HCA), presented the awards.

The selection process for award recipients began with employees submitting nomination forms for their peers or supervisors to their chief of contracting office (COCO) or office chief. Each COCO or office chief evaluated the submitted nominations to determine that office’s slate of nominees. The HCA, HCA deputy and chief of staff served as the selection board.

Each nominee received a certificate of recognition. Award winners received an engraved plaque, roses and a handwritten note from Derrios.

After the ceremony, Correa noted that “this is the right theme to have: recognizing the importance of what our contracting and procurement professionals do, so that others might see and recognize the great work that’s being done to support our mission every day.”

Fiscal Year 2017 Contracting and Procurement Enterprise Award Winners

Rising Star of the Year:
Ashley Radtke, Aviation Logistics Center

Bridge Builder of the Year:
Kweilin Hollis, Office of Procurement Policy and Oversight

Outstanding Procurement Professional:
Yvette R. Johnson, Surface Forces Logistics Center Baltimore

Outstanding Contracting Professional:
Tim Gerhart, Surface Systems Contract Division

Supervisor of the Year:
Nanette Cicolini, C4IT Service Center Contracting and Procurement Division

Innovative Contracting Team:
Base Operating Support Services at Base Kodiak:

Michael Hassett
Cmdr. Jeremy Hall
Cmdr. Melissa Arles
Cmdr. Jessica Johnson
Cmdr. Andrew Joca
Monica Vigil
Elaine Rachko

Outstanding Contracting Team of the Year:
Civil Engineering Unit Oakland’s Tower and Antenna Team

Travis Cohen
Tony Flores
Jason Dugan
Guiljohn Alcantara
Zenaida Bordalo
Denver Johnson