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Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Program

C4ISR program page

The Coast Guard’s command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance program ’s products enable more effective and efficient joint-service mission execution by improving maritime domain awareness. This concept is used by the Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy in reference to the effective understanding of anything associated with the global maritime domain that could impact the security, safety, economy or environment of the United States.


  • For NSCs, networked communications, radio direction finding and other capabilities to integrate with Navy battle groups and the broader U.S. government intelligence community
  • For NSCs, HC-144As and HC-130Js, an advanced C4ISR suite that includes a common baseline across assets and transitions to an open architecture system of Coast Guard-controlled components with government software data rights
  • The OPC’s C4ISR suite will be derived from the baseline used for NSC and other new platforms
  • For in-service cutters, installation of commercial satellite communications and AIS
  • For 378-foot and 270-foot cutters, Seawatch C2 system

The Coast Guard is implementing a new information assurance process that will strengthen cybersecurity for the C4ISR equipment on the service’s newest cutters.

The C4ISR program is currently implementing its latest electronics upgrade on the national security cutters. It has already been installed on the Coast Guard Cutter Waesche, and a contract was recently awarded to begin implementing the systems on the rest of the NSC line. This upgrade will also serve as the baseline for future electronics on the fast response cutters and for the systems to be installed on the offshore patrol cutters which are currently in the early stages of design.

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