Steel Ocean Buoy Ordering Information

Coast Guard Steel Oceans Buoys are fabricated by: 

UMS Metal Fabricators, Inc.
958 South Conception Street
Mobile, AL 36603

Charles Morris
(251) 432-7708

Contract maintained by: U.S. Coast Guard Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC)

Contract Number: HSCG84-13-D-BHQ002 

Commands making orders with unit or district funds shall:

  • Complete a PR in FPD.
    • There should be a separate line item for each Contract Line Item Number (CLIN).
    • In column 9A (Item No.), use the actual CLIN, not 1., 2., 3., etc.
  • In FPD, ensure:
    • The PR’s number is to contracting site “84” (example: 21-11-840ECB005).
    • The PR is routed to SHOP ID# "7513C".
    • The CIMS Bound block is checked in block 3.
    • The Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) is printed on the face of the PR
    • There are three different signatures on the PR
  • Send a notification e-mail to the Project Officer Sean McEvoy containing the PR number and attached order spreadsheet.

Current prices can be found at the CG Portal:

ATON Price Lists

Any questions, please contact Sean McEvoy (202) 475-5626.