Base Charleston

Contact Information

(843) 740-7070

Department Head
PERS4 Kendra Pitt 
SPO Chief

YNCM Zachary Ayres

Assistant SPO Chief
YNC McKenzie Shirley
Administration Chief
YNC Kimberly Maichel
YN1 Arnoldo Espinal




The mission of the Base Charleston Personnel Support Department (PSD) is to support the needs of base personnel and our operational partners by providing professional and efficient service they need to successfully execute their mission and maximize personnel readiness.
The PSD works seamlessly to support mission execution by resolving Coast Guard Personnel housing and compensation concerns. We aid our members to advance and develop their careers while maintaining physical and emotional well-being for Base personnel and our operational partners.
The following programs are administered through the divisions of Base Charleston Personnel Support Department:
  • Servicing Personnel Office (SPO)
  • Personnel Services and Administration
  • Transient Personnel Management
  • Government Travel Credit Card
  • DEERS/RAPIDS (Military ID Cards)
  • Transportation of Household Goods
  • Local and Area Housing
  • Education Service Office
  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

House Hold Goods and Education Services

Transportation of Household Goods
Mrs. Chawon Knox
(843) 740-7070
Education Servicing Officer
Mrs. Lisa Eidenberger

(843) 740-3160

Housing Officer

CS1 Daniel Hauser