Base Charleston

U.S. Coast Guard Base Charleston




Naval Engineering Dept Head
CDR Justin Strock
(843) 740-3160 x 3044

MWD Coordinator
LT Joe LaCorte
(843) 740-3160 x 3018

MAT Supervisor
CWO Steven “Manny” Santos
(843) 740-3160 x 3303

WAT Supervisor
CWO Dallas Hufton
(843) 740-3168



The Naval Engineering Department (NED) stood up on 19 October 2015 upon the establishment of Base Charleston. Comprised of 75 Active Duty and Reserve Coast Guard personnel, the NED is responsible for both Depot level and Corrective maintenance on Charleston based National Security Cutters and the CGC WILLOW. NED Charleston also provides Naval Engineering and Weapons Systems operational support for various other units along approximately 470 miles of coast line from Georgetown, SC to Cape Canaveral, FL.   

NED Charleston consists of a central office onboard the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in North Charleston, South Carolina. The NED consists of both the Maintenance Augmentation Team (MAT) and the Weapons Augmentation Team (WAT). The MAT provides hull, mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair support and the WAT provides weapons system and ordinance maintenance and repair support on the Charleston based surface assets. The NED also has a detached MAT in Kings Bay, GA to support Maritime Force Protection Unit Kings Bay surface assets.