Welcome to USCGC MUNRO (WHEC 724), the finest 378-foot cutter in the Coast Guard. Named after the only Coast Guard Medal of Honor recipient, Signalman First Class Douglas Munro, the cutter enjoys a reputation for excellence which has resulted from the pride and hard work of the crew you are about to join. Serving aboard a high endurance Coast Guard cutter is quite an experience. The missions can be very demanding, and the key to our success is the high caliber of the men and women assigned to MUNRO. Those reporting aboard come with varying levels of personal skills in a wide array of abilities required for shipboard life. For some, it is their first experience after initial training and nearly everything is new. For others, Munro is an opportunity to accept a more responsible position and continue their professional growth. All of us have something to contribute and something to gain. These abilities come together under the pressure of performing the Coast Guard's missions to form a ship's crew, providing an experience that is difficult to replicate.

CGC Munro - Bearing Sea Early 2009