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BASE DETACHMENT BORINQUEN  USCG Base Detachment Borinquen Security

Welcome to Base Detachment Borinquen Security!

Security Office located at the corner of Wing and Northeast Rd.
Phone: (787) 890-8472
CGSF Duty Phone: (787) 224-5954
Hours: Monday through Thursday 0800 -1200

Resident Identification Cards
Patrol and traffic enforcement

Base Vehicle Rules and Regulations

Traffic Regulations on board Base Detachment Borinquen and Air Station Borinquen

  • Every person driving on base shall have a valid driver's license and car registration
  • All persons traveling in the car need a valid identification(except for kids)
  • Using the cell phone while driving is prohibited
  • Base speed limit is 20 mph (15 mph on Northeast Rd)  and in parking lots is 5 mph
  • A complete stop at the stop signs is required. Rolling stops does not constitute a stop
  • Any person in violations of these traffic laws is subject to lose the privilege of driving on base
  • For any questions please contact the Security Office (787) 890 - 8472


Contact Us:

Base Detachment Borinquen
260 Guard Road
Aguadilla, PR 00603
Attn: Security