How do I set up VDI software on my personal computer?


To set up VDI software on your personal computer, please visit

Please keep in mind that there are other options to log on to the Coast Guard network. Please start with number one, and then add capacity as needed:

  1. Offline or “off-network” telework: No bandwidth demand.
  2. BlackBerry (if assigned): Low bandwidth demand.
  3. Outlook Web Access (OWA): Low-Medium bandwidth demand. Minimize sending of large file attachments.
  4. CG Portal: Low-Medium bandwidth demand.
  5. Virtual Private Network (VPN): Medium-High bandwidth demand. New AnyConnect VPN software was loaded to most government laptops that were connected to the network prior to 15 March.
  6. Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI): Highest bandwidth demand.

If you need assistance, contact CG FIXIT.