What if I haven’t received my invite to CVR?


If you have not received an welcome email from info@email.cvr.mil, it is because your DOD and USCG email do not match.

Ensure that your (DOD) "CAC Email" matches the email shown in the GAL. Email the USCG CVR Help Desk for assistance as needed – also reachable 24/7 at (202) 341-2398

MilConnect RAPIDs Self-Service Website Note: Any Operations that update your CAC or require digital signing of requests like updating you CAC Email require ActivClient 7.1 or higher, Java 8 update 144 or higher, and Internet Explorer version 7 or higher. Please ensure your computer meets these minimum requirements before proceeding. Contact the RAPIDs Self-Service Help Desk if you have problems with these activities.

Pro Tips for Best Results:

  1. Use a CG Laptop
  2. Use at least a VPN if able
  3. Immediately after updating the CAC Email, “Lock” then “Unlock” your CG Laptop