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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Update to the PCS Entitlements / Advances, TLE and Separation Leave Calculator


The updated 2023 PCS Entitlements / Advances, TLE & Separation Leave CalculatorFile in MS Excel Format is now online (Note: Right mouse click on the link and select "save as..." to download the calculator. It will not function correctly if you open it in the web browser.). YN1 Amato of Air Station Miami is the creator of this calculator. Petty Officer Amato has done some amazing work with this Excel document for PCS entitlements. As many of you may there is a lot of confusion about TLE and we think this calculator will help with the understanding. Great job YN1, we appreciate it!

  Updated (March 17th, 2023):

  Contains new look, improved Excel sheet with the updated rates and normal bug fixes.

Excel Sheet for Course Codes

Here is the Course Code to POET Converter for FY23. This sheet will be added to the Jan 2023 Travel Excel sheet

Updated (October 11, 2022):

Updated funds:

  • FY23 PerDiem Rates
  • Oct – Dec 2022 DLA Rates

Updated Notes:

  • For VPC round-trip calculations, enter the total roundtrip mileage. The sheet will auto calc the TDY mileage.
  • For TLE accounting, the default amount of days has been updated to 14 days. You can adjust the TLE days to any amount (for example 7 days (going OUTCONUS) and 60 days (auth locations only).
  • The "C" School auto POET tab has been removed. ETQC has informed me they do not have an excel sheet with the FY23 course code to poet information cross information. Their current PDF sheet doesn’t paste into excel.  

Updated (July 26, 2022):

  • Updated MALT Rates from July – Sept 2022
  • New E2 Funding Row will automatically take your totals and group them into the matching DA to E2 Row. The sheet is configured to match  Current guidance so TLE, Member Travel and funding Fee will display in the Member Row. Dependent and DLA will populate in their own rows.
  • TLE Section now is displayed with a bar chart so it’s easy to visualize both the max reimbursement for a hotel per night and the recommended amount per night if they want the max amount of M&IE. The sheet will now automatically look at both the old and new PDS, figure out which one is highest and project the max a member would need for TLE funding. This will provide a TLE ceiling for each set of orders which we would use to project accurate funding for TLE. Currently, this total will show up in the member row per the latest guidance. You can adjust the ceiling by adjusting the max amount of days of TLE (example 5 / 10 / 60).
  • VPC and AMHS Map have been updated.
  • C School POET generator! Enter the course code of any ETQC-issued orders and the POET will auto-generate.   

Updated (April 1, 2022):

  • You can now set up members' data calculators based on their estimated report date. This helps members who prefer to build their en-route time using their known report date to find out what their departure will be. In order to switch to the report date click Departure Date, and a drop-down menu will show.
  • Total Travel Time is featured on the top left corner now, this will help with entering the Date Calculator without having to scroll down the page to see how much travel a member is getting.
  • The dark mode is Back! Enjoy the darkest dark mode the sheet has ever had. If you are going to print, I still would recommend using the lighter version still.
  • The latest update fixes a few bugs in the first edition
  • More Hyperlinks are loaded on the bottom of the sheets now.

Updated (February 3, 2022):

 This year’s sheet should real familiar but more streamlined with 2022 rates. Along with the travel sheet, it contains an updated VPC address list, new hyperlinks and an updated look to the Terminal Leave Calculator. Dark mode can be enabled on the top right corner for the YNs who enjoy dark mode. I would still advise printing in regular mode.

  • 2022 Travel Sheet: Per Diem / MALT/ DLA / Air Per Diem/ VPC travel (both round trip and one-way mileage) / HHG weight limits along with pro gear weight limits / TLE both the max lodging and the recommended amount (i.e. how much can a member get paid up to before he or she loses out on available M&IE funds)
  • VPC Address: All current VPC addresses we mainly use along with the port address for AMHS in WA
  • Terminal Leave Calculator: Leave planner for members who are separating or retiring along with optional proceed time
  • DD214 Award: Copy and paste from CG member info in DA to the sheet. The sheet will auto-list the awards in order of precedence with the correct star type and count.


YN1 Josh Amato
ADMIN Supervisor
Air Station Miami