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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Direct-Access PCS, TDY, & Reserve Orders Outage.

1. DA Orders Accounting Data Conversion to FSMS Standard (ALCGPSC 06/22):  ‚ÄčAt 2000 EST, Wednesday, 12 January 2022, availability to Direct Access orders will be read-only for all users. The scheduled reactivation of full access to orders in Direct Access is 0001 EST, Wednesday, 19 January 2022, and is based on the successful conversion of all FY22 orders. This lockdown is necessary to support the deployment of FSMS. During this period of read-only availability, all FY22 orders will be converted to utilize FSMS accounting data. This applies to all Direct Access orders types: ETQC, PCS, separations, and reserve orders. Units may issue orders via memorandum to authorize travel in urgent and emergency situations.

E-Gov Travel System  (ETS) Status (updated 1000 hrs. Jan 07)

1. Maintenance Completed:  Data migration is complete and the system ready for use. 

2. Vouchering: The ability to enter travel vouchers in ETS is now available.

3. Vouchering prior FY travel: As part of the cutover to FSMS, the Coast Guard migrated open travel obligations. Authorizations will appear in ETS for the member to voucher. Members will select the open authorization within ETS and create a voucher. Members will not need to select accounting information for the Project, Organization, Expenditure and Task (POET) because prior year TONOs were migrated to reimburse against the prior year expenditures. The vouchers should only require approval from an ETS approving official.

4. Current FY Travel: Please be aware that Training, PCS, and Reserve Orders from Direct-Access (DA) will not be available in ETS pending completion of the accounting data conversion during the DA outage described above.

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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Coast Guard Transitioning the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)


ALCGPSC 121/21

19 NOV 2021
ALCGPSC 121/21
1. The Coast Guard is currently transitioning the Official Military Personnel
File (OMPF), previously known as the EI-PDR, to its new Human Resource Data
Base. The Interactive Personnel Electronics Records Management System (iPERMS)
will improve Records Management and provide compliant electronic records
management of military human resource records, including
permanent and temporary documents for current CG active-duty personnel, reserve
personnel, and veterans who separated or retired after 2006. This transition
will also provide Coast Guard members with greater access to their military
records with a GO-Live in Fall 2022.
2. During the transition, Coast Guard members may experience delays in receiving
record downloads as PSCs Military Records staff undergoes training on the new
system and continues to bring down the existing backlog. While every effort is
being made to minimize these delays, the following guidance is provided to
mitigate any impacts to records management. As in previous years, priority
uploads and downloads will be given to PY23 candidates and individuals eligible
for reassignment in AY22.
a. Uploading to the OMPF. All documents requiring upload to a members record
must be sent via email from a Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) or Personnel and
Admin (P&A) office. Candidates for PY23 boards and panels must ensure their
requests are sent with the subject line URGENT: BOARD/PANEL CANDIDATE. SPOs and
P&As forwarding documents that require upload to a members OMPF shall be sent
to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-BOPS-MR-SPOSupport@uscg.mil. Members are advised to clearly
convey their board or panel status to their SPO or P&A, and request to be
copied on the email to ensure proper submission.
b. Downloading an OMPF. Members have multiple ways to view their OMPF. They may
reach out to their P&A to request a downloaded copy from their SPO. SPOs and,
in some areas, P&As have access to the electronic record with the exception of
Officer Evaluation Reports. Officers may also request an appointment with OPM-4
and RPM-2 counselors who can go through the OMPF with members via skype screen
share, and advise of any documents that should be updated or submitted specific
to boards or panels. Officers who are in zone for PY23, wishing to verify entry
of a document in their OMPF, may send an email request to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-OPM-4
@uscg.mil. Members who require a downloaded copy of their Complete OMPF may
still request a copy from the Military Records staff and should refer to the
website directions located at
https://www.dcms.uscg.mil/ompf. Complete OPMF copies from Military Records may
take up to 30 days for receipt. Members who have not received a downloaded copy
of their OMPF within 30 days after submitting the request should contact the
Military Records Supervisor, Mr. Michael Lemorie directly at Michael.R.Lemorie
@uscg.mil, and include the original email requesting the OMPF.
c. Due to PII protection protocols, many copies of the OMPF are sent using the
DoD Safe Secure File Transfer platform. Members are advised to monitor all
mailboxes as automated messages can be filtered to junk or spam folders.
d. Members are advised to review their OMPF at least 6 months in advance of a
Selection Board or Panel convening date, and to work with their SPO or P&A to
follow up on upload requests.
e. Commands are reminded to adhere to OER and EER submission timelines published
by OPM-3, RPM-1 and EPM-3, to ensure members are not adversely affected by
incomplete records.
3. OPM inquiries can be sent to HQS-SMB-PSC-OPM@uscg.mil.
The POC for Military Records is Mr. Michael R. Lemorie at Michael.R.Lemorie
4. Released by: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center. The
Service Center for our Most Important Resources  Our People.
5. Internet release authorized.