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Guidance for Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) Orders Spanning Fiscal Years 2022 to 2023


PDF fileProcessing Cross Fiscal Year Travel user guideNew

Please note Travel cutoff guidance in ALCGFINANCE 035/22 – Guidance for Temporary Duty Travel Orders Crossing Fiscal Years supersedes ALCGFINANCE 034/22 – F22 Closeout Guidance with regards to travel related closeout dates!  ALCGFINANCE 035/22 reflects a processing improvement which allowed for obligation of travel in FSMS to continue as long as FSMS is up. Remaining FY22 vouchers not fully processed prior to FSMS going offline on 30 September will resume processing on 5 October.


R 081730Z SEP 22
1. This guidance shall be used for temporary duty travel 
crossing fiscal years (FY). Specifically, it applies to 
cases where advanced preparation in FY22 is required to 
effectively facilitate FY23 travel. FY22 is 30 September 
2022 and prior. FY23 is 01 October 2022 through 
30 September 2023.
2. For travel that begins in FY22 and crosses into FY23:
a. Do not obligate FY23 funding in FY22. Once a Continuing 
Resolution (CR) is enacted, CG-83 will distribute funding 
to populate projects and tasks (POET) and FY23 obligations 
can be made.
b. Airfare and Rental Cars: Fully reserved and paid to 
SATO in FY22. FY22 funds can pay for the entire airfare 
to include roundtrip flights, even if the return flight 
occurs in FY23. One-way fares are charged to the fiscal 
year in which they occur. 
c. Per Diem/Lodging/Incidentals: The FY22 portion of all 
travel expenses must be charged to the FY22 POET. The FY23 
portion of these expenses must be charged to the 
applicable FY23 POET.
d. In the travel order remarks enter: “Full transportation 
expenses are authorized on FY22 POET. All other related 
expenses from the date of travel through 30 September is 
authorized to be charged to the FY22 POET. All travel 
expenses from 01 October through the end of travel will be 
chargeable to the FY23 POET subject to an approved 
appropriation and budget authority.
e. No later than 30 September, all FY23 travel portions must be 
set to "no entitlements". This ensures FY22 funds are not 
charged for FY23 travel entitlements.
f. After 30 September, amend the original travel 
authorization with FY23 POET and fund the FY23 
3. For travel beginning the first week of October:
a. Due to airfare being charged when ticketed, full 
roundtrip airfare can be booked to the FY22 POET 
to ensure a timely reservation and availability.
b. All other travel entitlements including rental cars will 
need to be booked to the FY23 POET and funded accordingly 
once budget authority is received.  
4. Lapse in Appropriations:
a. In the case of a lapse in appropriations, travelers will 
need to cancel their travel unless it meets one of the 
exempted missions outlined in a Lapse in Appropriation 
ALCGFINANCE message. Upon cancellation, the SATO airfare 
fee will still need to be paid using FY22 funding.
b. Travelers in a travel status will await further 
instructions on whether to return to their unit or shelter 
in place.
5. Only obligate what is needed for the FY22 portion for 
all TDY travel. Do not charge FY23 expenses to FY22 when 
entering travel into ETS. 
6. Except in emergent cases, all FY22 obligations must be 
entered into ETS. No unobligated or unfunded open 
authorizations, group authorizations or blanket orders are 
authorized in ETS after 01 September. Open authorizations, 
blanket orders and group orders are closed until further 
7. For more information concerning ETS, please visit: 
https://www.dcms.uscg.mil/ppc/travel/ets2/ or email the 
Travel Management Office at 
8. POC: For more information regarding TDY travel 
preparations, contact CDR Jesse Millard, CG-833.
9. CAPT W.A. Budovec, Office of Resource Management (CG-83) sends.
10. Internet release authorized.