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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

2023 Master Chief Advancement Panel Announcement


R 131502Z JAN 23 MID200080646932U

ALCGENL 006/23
A. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2(series)
B. Coast Guard Military Human Resource Record (CGMHRR) System, COMDTINST
C. Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4(series)
D. Guidance and Eligibility Criteria for Enlisted Personnel Boards and Panels,
PSCINST 1401.2(series)
E. 13 DEC 22/ALCOAST 497/22 - Promulgation of Coast Guard Military Human
Resource Record (CGMHRR) System
F. 03 OCT 22/ALCOAST 368/22 - Suspension of High Year Tenure (HYT)

1. Summary. This message announces the 2023 Master Chief Advancement Panel
(MCAP), which will recommend eligible active-duty Senior Chief Petty
Officers (SCPOs) for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer in each rating,
except MU. COs and OICs must ensure dissemination of this message to all active
duty SCPOs within their commands. SCPOs must be aware of the eligibility
requirements outlined below and familiarize themselves with the contents of
Refs (a) through (e). Commands must also be aware of all eligibility
requirements to ensure candidates are properly and fairly considered for
advancement. Failure to follow the guidelines of this message and its
references will not justify a waiver from their requirements.

2. Schedule. The MCAP is scheduled to convene 15 May 2023 at Coast Guard
Headquarters in Washington, DC.

3. Eligibility.
a. Current eligibility requirements are outlined in Chapter 5 of Ref (a).
Additional advancement information is available at: https://uscg.sharepoint
b. All eligibility requirements must be completed by the Panel Eligibility Date
(PED) of 01 February 2023.
c. Candidates will be able to verify their eligibility utilizing the Personal
Data Extract (PDE) generated in Direct Access in mid-February 2023. CG PSC-EPM
will post a list of initial candidates via ALCGENL message OOA 18 February and
a final eligibility list NLT 15 April, after the 01 April 2023 PDE correction
deadline. Only those members listed on the final eligibility list will be
considered for advancement during the 2023 MCAP.

4. Waivers. This ALCGENL supersedes previously published waivers. The following
waivers apply:
a. MCAP. The MCAP does not apply to the Musician rating.
b. Advancement Requirement Waivers. Requests for waivers from advancement
requirements or waivers from completion deadlines must be sent prior to the PED,
01 February 2023. Ref (d) provides guidance for submitting waivers. Late
requests will not be accepted.

5. Candidate Responsibilities.
a. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure their online PDE shows a
status of "Eligible" to be considered for advancement by the 2023 MCAP.
Candidates reviewed during a previous MCAP should not assume they are
automatically eligible for the upcoming MCAP. The PDE for the 2023 MCAP
must be verified. Candidates expecting to be away from their unit for an
extended period of time (e.g. extensive "C" school, deployments, TDY, maternity
leave, etc.) between the PED and the end of the correction period should make
alternate arrangements to verify their PDE. Report incorrect PDE data to the
unit Admin or Servicing Personnel Office (SPO). After reporting incorrect
data, candidates must verify PDE corrections are complete by reviewing their
online PDE prior to the 01 April 2023 PDE correction deadline. If the online
PDE is not complete, the candidate shall submit a Trouble Ticket prior to 01
April 2023 to PPC by e-mail to PPC-DG-CustomerCare@uscg.mil. PDE corrections
must be visible on the online PDE and completed NLT 01 April 2023. Failure to
report and verify online PDE corrections by the deadline will result in a
"Not Eligible" status for the 2023 MCAP.
b. Candidates must ensure their personnel record is up to date and accurate.
The personnel record includes the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF),
Enlisted Evaluation Reports (EERs), and the Employee Summary Sheet (ESS).
Ref (b) provides a complete list of documents maintained in the OMPF. IAW
IAW Ref (d), the Panel will review the past seven (7) years of EERs and
information contained within the OMPF. The entire ESS will be reviewed.
Therefore, the 2023 MCAP will review all OMPF documents and EERs with a date of
14 May 2016 to 14 May 2023. However, all records must be updated by 14 April
2023. Any updates to a candidate's record after this deadline, members must
contact their respective Record Managers (P&A) for assistance and copy HQS-SMB
-CGPSC-EPM-1-Panels @uscg.mil. Documents sent during this timeframe will not be
included as part of the official record until entered into iPERMS. Information
on how to request and update your record can be found in Ref (e) & in the "How
to Update Your Personnel Record" document on the EPM-1 MCAP CG Portal Page at
%20Advancement%20Panel.aspx). When submitting your requests, indicate "URGENT:
MCAP CANDIDATE" in the subject line.
c. Candidates are also encouraged to review the applicable Commandant and
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Guidance to Enlisted Selection
Boards and Panels. This document will be provided to the Panel members and
clearly sets forth the Commandant's vision for selection to Master Chief
Petty Officer. It is available on the MCAP CG Portal page at
d. Per Ref (f), HYT is suspended and not applicable to the 2023 MCAP. For
more information regarding HYT, visit CG PSC-EPM-1's Portal page at
e. Candidates have the opportunity to submit communication to the Panel.
Guidance regarding this communication is provided in Refs (a) and (d). All
communication to the Panel must be e-mailed to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-EPM-1-Panels
@uscg.mil NLT 24 April 2023. Communication to the Panel received after this
deadline will not be accepted. The subject line of the e-mail should contain
"MCAP Panel Communication."

6. Command Responsibilities.
a. Command responsibilities are detailed in Article 3.A.4. and amplified
throughout Chapter 3 of Ref (a). A common reason for member ineligibility is
a missing current EER. Per Article 3.A.5 of Ref (a), each candidate must have an
EER with a command's recommendation mark for each new advancement cycle. For the
2023 MCAP, candidates must have an EER with a mark of "Ready" dated between 02
February 2022 and 01 February 2023. Members marked "Not Ready" in this period
may have a Commanding Officer Recommendation Change (CORC) EER submitted with an
effective date NLT the 01 February 2022 PED to fulfill the MCAP EER eligibility
requirements. Members without an EER during this period will require a Service
Wide Exam (SWE) EER dated between 02 February 2022 and 01 February 2023 to be
eligible for the 2023 MCAP. SWE EERs should be dated greater than 184 days prior
to 28 February 2023 (27 August 2022) when possible, to ensure a return to the
regular marking cycle.
b. The active-duty regular E-8 marking period remains the last day of February.
The regularly scheduled February 2023 EER must be finalized NLT 30 March 2023.
The February regular EER will provide the 2023 MCAP with a record of the
candidate's most recent performance and will not make an ineligible member
eligible. If a candidate on the 2023 MCAP eligibility list receives a mark of
"Not Ready" or "Not Recommended" between the 01 February 2023 PED and MCAP,
commands must notify PSC-EPM-1 at HQS-SMB-CGPSC-EPM-1-Panels@uscg.mil. The
email should include "MCAP" in the subject line and must include the candidate's
name, EMPLID, rank, and date of EER that changed candidate's mark of ready or
recommended. As a result, the candidate will be removed from the 2023 MCAP. If a
member is otherwise eligible for the 2023 MCAP, but does not desire to be
considered for advancement, they should be given a mark of "Not Ready." For any
EER questions, including CORCs, contact CG PSC-EPM-3 at
c. Commands shall verify the candidate's most current Rating Performance
Qualifications (RPQs) and Enlisted Performance Qualifications (EPQs) were signed
off NLT 01 February 2023.
d. Entering Competencies in Direct Access (DA): EPQ/RPQ pay grade completion
shall be entered directly into DA. Use the ERATS - Direct Access Competency
Entry Process Guide to accurately record completion through your Personnel &
Administration (P&A) entity. Even if there are no RPQ standards for your
specific pay grade, the competency code still needs to be entered in DA for MCAP
eligibility. Units are authorized to enter competencies directly into DA after
verifying core competencies are certified complete; TMT entry is not required.
Commands shall verify a candidate has completed the RPQs and authorize entry
into DA by the unit's P&A entity. The rating competency code must appear in the
candidate's DA competency record to receive an "Eligible" PDE. Commands may
enter backdated competency codes into TMT or DA during the PDE correction period
up until the 01 April 2023 PDE correction deadline. It is highly recommended
that the competency code be entered prior to the 01 February 2023 PED so the
initial PDE shows a status of "Eligible" rather than entering backdated
competency codes and requesting PDE updates after PDEs are released. Commands
shall notify PPC (ADV) via e-mail at PPC-DG-CustomerCare@uscg.mil if members
receive an "Eligible" PDE, but have not completed eligibility requirements by
the PED to prevent the member from being considered for advancement by the 2023
e. Waivers from advancement requirements or completion deadlines must be
requested on or before 01 February 2023.

7. P&A/SPO Responsibilities. Last day to complete PDE corrections in DA: 01
April 2023.

8. PPC Responsibilities.
a. Post PDEs in DA: Mid-February 2023.
b. Provide initial eligibility list to CG PSC-EPM-1 OOA 10 February 2023.
c. Provide final eligibility list to CG PSC-EPM-1 OOA 09 April 2023.

9. Timeline.
a. 01 February 2023: Panel Eligibility Date (PED).
b. 01 February 2023: Waiver submission deadline.
c. Mid-February 2023: Personnel Data Extract (PDE) available in Direct Access.
d. OOA 18 February 2023: Initial 2022 MCAP eligibility list released via
e. 28 February 2023: End of E-8 marking period.
f. 30 March 2023: Regular E-8 EERs finalized in DA.
g. 01 April 2023: PDE Correction Deadline.
h. NLT 15 April 2023: Final 2023 MCAP eligibility list released via ALCGENL.
i. 24 April 2023: Communication to the Panel submission deadline.
j. 24 April 2023: OMPF update deadline.
k. 15 May 2023: 2023 MCAP convenes.

10. CG PSC-EPM-1 is the single POC for all MCAP inquiries. They can be reached
by e-mail at HQS-SMB-CGPSC-EPM-1-Panels@uscg.mil. When sending an email
regarding MCAP, include "MCAP" at the beginning of the subject line. For
additional Master Chief Advancement Panel information go to the MCAP page at

11. Current Master Chiefs Petty Officers who are interested in participating in
the MCAP as a Panel member should send an e-mail to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-EPM-1-Panels
@uscg.mil. Please include your Employee Summary Sheet.

12. CAPT J. A. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management, CG Personnel
Service Center, sends.

13. Internet release authorized.