Coast Guard Care Anywhere: Patient





How do I schedule an appointment?
Online or by calling the clinic.

Do I get to choose the provider I want to see?
You are able to request a provider, however, since we want to minimize wait time for your appointment, the next available provider may be assigned.

When are CGCA appointments available?
CGCA appointments are typically available when the clinic is open.  Exceptions may be made with provider/patient agreement. The clinics follow the direction of the medical manual when appointing For example, urgent care appointment visit wait times should not exceed 24 hours and routine medical visits should not exceed 1 week.

What kind of services can I get via CGCA?
General list: video visit, telephone visit, in person. Connection with a provider or specialist.

What are the types of appointments I can request via CGCA?
Covid-19 Symptoms, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Physical Injury, Sick Call, General and Other Health issues

How do I let the system know what my complaint is? 
Once you select an area such a Covid-19 Symptoms, Anxiety, or Sick Call, the system will prompt you with a list of questions associated with the appointment type you are requesting


How long are CGCA sessions? 
This initial appointment is likely to be between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the appointment type

What if I don’t want to be seen on video and just want to talk to the provider? 
An option will be provided for a phone visit.

Can I have a family member who does not live with me join my appointment? 
Yes. A secure link can be sent to a family member or significant other to join the appointment based on provider/patient agreement.

How do I connect with my provider at the time of my appointment? 
You will receive a system generated email and text stating an appointment was scheduled for you with a  date and time. You will receive another one prior to your appointment with a link to click that will connect you with your provider for your appointment. You will also be prompted to provide your current location at the time of the appointment in the event you need 911 emergency medical services.


If I need help with logging into CGCA who should I call?
Please call the help desk at 1-877-70-48273

What kind of help is available within the system?
Online help is available based on your request

Does my account expire?
The account will not expire but will go inactive after 45 days without signing in. Recommend signing in once every 30 days or more. You must have an active account to schedule an appointment.

Are my appointment records stored in CGCA?
No, CGCA is not a record storing program. Your appointment documentation will be completed on paper records or through MHS Genesis (which ever system your clinic is currently using).