Base Ketchikan

U.S. Coast Guard Base Ketchikan


Base Ketchikan Command Philosophy and Vision Statement

The Coast Guard’s Core Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty are guiding principles for all service members. I am proud to serve as your CO I’m here because I think supporting CG operations is of vital importance and I enjoy working alongside dedicated people who are doers and problem solvers.

As your Commanding Officer, I also want you to embrace the following themes so we can safely execute our mission while growing professionally.

TEAMWORK: It’s important that we work together as one unified team to provide the best possible services and products to our operational partners. To accomplish this we have to encourage innovation and open communication by empowering those around you. Mentor, teach, and share knowledge. Give direct and timely performance feedback, and learn about your shipmates’ personal lives, goals, and concerns. While assigned to Base Ketchikan you shall strive to leave the unit, your shipmates, and yourself better than when you first reported.

PROFESSIONALISM: Every job at Base Ketchikan is important or we simply would not do it. Understand that every task we perform eventually leads to Base Ketchikan’s mission successes, so do them well, be humble, and be proud of what you do because it matters. We must all live the Coast Guard’s Core Values, both on and off duty. Hazing, discrimination or harassment of any nature will not be tolerated; if you ever recognize or even suspect it, report it to your chain of command immediately. We will deal with it quickly as it can destroy the morale of any Unit. Tell the truth, lead as you want to be led, follow as you want others to follow you.

CUSTOMERS: It is our customer’s rightful expectation of our daily performance. We exist today because those Coast Guardsmen that came before us always managed to excel. It is now our responsibility to excel so that our customers are best served today, and so that with our customers continued support the Coast Guard will exist tomorrow. It is the commands job to make sure you have the tools you need to accomplish this.

COMMUNICATION: Passing information via the chain-of-command is crucial to our effective coordination and efficient mission accomplishment. Information must be efficiently passed up and down the chain of command. Furthermore we must engage and ensure interdependent cooperation with our DCMS partners. The most successful and enjoyable units are those where as much information as possible is shared and the valuable opinions/ideas of our talented people are tapped. Share ideas and endeavor to discover and capitalize on the “best practices” of our peers at other support units. Keep the command informed of the internal or external issues that might impact the mission or crew welfare.

WORKLIFE: Balance in our lives produces a positive, happy, and contributing shipmate. We all must maintain our physical health, our spiritual and emotional well being, and take care of those social relationships that sustain us; especially our families, friends, and co-workers. Look after each other both on and off duty. Take time to enjoy what Alaska has to offer. Have Fun!

VISION STATEMENT: We are committed to the success of all personnel stationed with-in Base Ketchikan’s AOR. We will encourage compassion, pride, and excellence in all that we do, to ensure that we all inspire to provide the very best in service to ourselves and our operational partners.