Base Ketchikan

U.S. Coast Guard Base Ketchikan


Identification (ID) Cards

Personnel Support Department

The PSD Customer Service Center is chartered with issuing ID cards.

Personnel may schedule ID cards using the following:

  • Location: Administration Building, first floor
  • Main Customer Service Center #: (907) 228-0319

Hours for Appointments 
Note: Walk-Ins are only accepted for locked, broken, or lost ID cards. 

  • Monday 1300-1500
  • Tue-Wed 0800-1100 & 1300-1500.
  • Thu 0800-0930 & 1300-1500.

CLOSED on all Federal and National Holidays and for Command Sponsored Liberty.

All customers should bring two forms of current ID to an appointment. The following provides a list of acceptable identity documents:  The sponsor must be present for dependent ID cards.

Updating Addresses in DEERS

Address Changes - Members can e-mail address changes to the DEERS/RAPIDS database via the internet. The e-mail address is: It is recommended you use all lower-case letters when typing the e-mail address.

E-mail must contain:

  1. Sponsor’s name and Social Security number.

  2. The address change you want to make.

  3. Names of other family members affected by the address change.

  4. Effective date of the address information.

  5. Your telephone number and area code (if available).

  6. Other information, such as the addresses for geographically separated family members, will  be processed if you provide it.

If you don’t wish to provide this information over the internet e-mail, you can update your address records in DEERS by using one of the following four methods:

  1. Calling the DEERS Support Office at one of its toll-free numbers:
        1-800-334-4162 (California Only)
        1-800-527-5602 (Alaska and Hawaii)
        1-800-538-9552 (All Other States)

  2. Faxing address changes to (831) 655-8317