Air Station Kodiak Contact Information

Contact Information

The phone numbers below are all preceded by 907-487-XXXX,

Administration: 5472
CMC: 5570
CO/XO: 5836
Education Office: 5395
Operation Center: 5889
Safety Office: 5003
Aviation Engineering Shops:
C-130 Maintenance Control: 5804
H-65B Maintenance Control: 5027
H-60J Maintenance Control: 5182
Avionics Shop: 5840/5633
AST Shop: 5702
Supply Shop: 5414
Surface Ops: 5123
Cordova Aviation Support Facility: 424-3382


About Kodiak

The city of Kodiak is on Kodiak Island located approximately 150 miles southwest of Anchorage. The population of Kodiak, Coast Guard Base, and other surrounding villages totals approximately 13,900 people.

Kodiak Island is approximately 3,588 square miles.

Reporting to Air Station Kodiak

Please use the information under contact to speak to somebody. After hours, the duty watch stander will answer the phone. More information about Air Station Kodiak can be found in CG Central. At CG Central, you will find our reporting guide and helpful links to information to assist with your transition.