Air Station Kodiak Mission

Kodiak Region (Communications Coverage)

Our Mission

The primary mission of Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak is to provide aircraft and crews in support of the Coast Guard's core missions which include: Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, covering 4 million square miles including the Gulf of Alaska, Bristol Bay, Bering Sea, and the Pacific Ocean above 40N latitude; Enforcement of Laws and Treaties (ELT), primarily focused on the nation's most active fisheries; logistical support of isolated D17 units; Marine Environmental Protection (MEP); Aids to Navigation (ATON); Military Defense; disaster control services and relief; and assistance to numerous local, state, and federal agencies. The HC-130H and HH-60J aircraft serve as the primary SAR response assets.

Alaska Region Marine Zones

Air Station Awards

Air Station Kodiak continues to be recognized nationally for the accomplishments of the crew. Recent awards include; the 2002 Naval Helicopter Award for Aircrew of the Year, the Seventeenth Coast Guard District Operational Excellence Award for a Large Unit, 2001 Association of Naval Aviators Award for Helicopter Aviation, the 2001 National Defense Transportation Association Unit Award, and a Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Award in 2000. Individual recognition includes presentation of the prestigious Admiral Bender, Admiral Hayes, and Admiral Gracey awards. The officers and enlisted men and women of Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak have consistently demonstrated heroism and professionalism, remaining SEMPER PARATUS to serve their country, and more closely to home, the people of the great state of Alaska.