USCGC Alex Haley
"The Bulldog of the Bering"

Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley Website. We hope the information contained within will answer your questions, provide a look into the proud history of the Cutter, and assist you if you're headed to the Cutter to join the officers and crew of "The Bulldog of the Bering". 

The capabilities of the Alex Haley are unique and ideal for safely accomplishing many different missions in service to the Coast Guard and the Nation. Her primary missions are: homeland security, search and rescue, and international and domestic fisheries enforcement. While originally designed by the Navy for rescue and salvage, changes made to the Cutter by the Coast Guard have made the Alex Haley ideally suited for her primary operating location: the Bering Sea and other Alaskan waters. The original design produced a very stable ship that rides well in heavy seas. As the largest and newest Medium Endurance Cutter in the Coast Guard's fleet, those that serve aboard quickly realize that the Cutter is ideally suited for its operations. The continuing investment by the Coast Guard in a long list of improvements (including berthing area upgrades and new equipment) will serve to better the Alex Haley and provide an even safer working environment for the professional men and women that serve as the Cutter’s operators.

CGC Alex Haley

The Alex Haley’s homeport of Kodiak is another drawing point for those personnel selected to serve aboard. Alaska is often called "The Last Frontier" and with good reason. Life is sometimes challenging with long winter days marked with short periods of sunlight, high winds, plenty of rain, and usually a few good snows. Studded snow tires, ice cleats, and a positive attitude are important for a successful tour aboard. On the plus side, the summers on "The Emerald Isle" are well worth the wait. Fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, and long summer days with only about five hours of darkness are ideal for those that love the outdoors. Family living on Kodiak is some of the best in the United States. On-base facilities include a Commissary, Exchange, Movie Theater, Bowling Alley, and a modern gym which contains an indoor swimming pool. Off-base there is a Safeway and Wal-Mart approximately 8 miles away. Low crime rates, good schools, and plenty of year round activities make it so that families who get stationed here often won’t want to leave.