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Employee Assistance Program


Call: 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778)

Web (for EAP):


Who is eligible?

Active duty members and their dependents, select reservist and their dependents, full-time civil service employees and their dependents, full-time exchange system and MWR employees and their dependents.

Services of CG SUPRT:

For Individuals: services include face to face assessment, referral and short term counseling for a wide variety of personal concerns such as depression, relationship discord, and career transition. The program also offers telephonic assistance for financial and legal concerns. Another service of the program is telephonic and information assistance with life impact that impact everyone. Examples of this service are finding eldercare and childcare providers and assistance with negotiating the college application process. CG SUPRT also offers health coaching to assist employees and their family members with health matters such as smoking cessation, weight management, and stress reduction. Finally, the program can assist with tax preparation.

For Management: managers may also consult with the CG SUPRT Program when there is a workplace situation that may impact the stress of his/her employees OR when an employee's conduct or performance may be impacted by a personal concern For Organization: Critical incidents, downsizing, and other large scale events can impact an entire organization. Service include training, critical incident response and education.

For Everyone: the CG SUPRT offers an extensive website that contains articles, mental health assessments, and national resources.

The following explains the process to apply to utilizing the CG SUPRT program: When employees contact CG SUPRT, they can expect to talk with a professional who will first gather information such as which agency they are employed by, the nature of the concerns, and, if they would like face to face counseling and where they would like to meet with a counselor. Then the employee will be contacted by a local counselor to begin the process of setting up an appointment. Usually the employee is contact within a day or two, unless there is an emergency situation.


Program Responsibilities & General Information

Quick Response Checklists (QRCs)

Suicide Prevention Resources

Sexual Assault Resources

Workplace Violence Resources

Coping with Financial Stress Resources


Program Responsibilities & General Information:

- Suicide prevention trainings, information, and referrals

- Workplace violence prevention trainings

- Rape and sexual assault awareness trainings and reporting

- Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

- Victim and witness assistance

- Financial Management Program

- American Red Cross liaison



The QRCs below can be used by commands when an incident occurs to ensure that all required steps are followed, notifications are made, and the victim is provided the services he/she needs. Please feel free to download them and personalize them to your unit as needed.

"Coming Soon"= links to QRC's"

-Rape/Sexual Assault


-Workplace Violence



Suicide Prevention Resources:

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

American Association of Suicidology - information on suicide and its prevention

National Institute of Mental Health - Suicide Prevention

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Sexual Assault Resources:

Offfice of Work-Life Programs- Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs (SAPR)

Command Toolkit - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR)

Male Survivor - support information for male victims of sexual abuse

National Sexual Violence Resource Center - information on all forms of sexual abuse

Victim Rights Law Center - Free legal help for sexual assault victims

Office on Violence Against Women

The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc.

New Hampshire Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault

Day One - The Sexual Assault and Trauma Resource Center (Rhode Island)

Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (VNADSV)

Workplace Violence Resources:

OSHA Safety and Health Topics- Workplace Violence

World Health Organization Injuries and Violence Prevention - Workplace Violence



Joseph Bubala (Boston Office)
Office phone number: 617-223-5012

Leslie Cardona (Sector New York Office)
Office phone number: 718-354-2265

Contact for Sexual Assault Response Coordinator:

Jacquelyn Tellier (Boston Office)
Office phone number: 617-223-3484


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