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Work Life Philosophy

The purpose of the Work Life initiative is to strike a reasonable balance between the needs of the Coast Guard and the needs of our members and their families.  The goal is to create a total quality environment by which the Coast Guard will achieve organizational excellence and continue to provide valued services to our customers.

Work Life issues are critical to individual and organizational achievement.  They will always affect the Coast Guard's mission performance and are certain to impact the future.  Work Life balance enhances diversity, recruitment, retention, and most importantly, the job performance of the Coast Guard's workforce.

For the Coast Guard to effectively compete as an employer in the 21st century, we must build and maintain necessary support systems to provide a quality of life to our employees.

The Coast Guard recognizes that Work Life issues are critical to individual and organizational success.  Achieving the Work Life balance combines the formal structure of the Work Life staff with an entire network of providers.

Our Services

Our services are available to all active duty members, reservists on active duty, and their family members in the HSWL Field Office Boston area of responsibility. *Eligibility for services may vary for Civialians.

Our services are organized in the following programs:

Employee Assistance Program

Provides EAP counseling referrals, conducts prevention trainings in Workplace Violence, Suicide Prevention, Sexual Assault/Rape Prevention. Coordinates command requests for Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) response and conducts CISM training.

Quick Response Checklists (QRCs) to be used by District 1 Commands to respond to Rape/Sexual Assault, Suicide, CISM, and Workplace Violence can be found on the EAP page.


Family Resource Program 

Provide advocacy, information, referral, education, and case management services to Coast Guard families. This includes managing the Special Needs program.  


Family Advocacy Program

Provide support for all types of domestic violence and abuse, conduct domestic violence prevention education and training, and serve as a liaison between military and civilian communities.


Sexual Assault Prevention, Response and Recovery Program

24/7 Anonymous support for sexual assault survivors in the military. The mission of the Coast Guard’s Sexual Assault Prevention, Response, and Recovery (SAPRR) Program is to eliminate sexual assault from our Service. The Coast Guard will ensure that if it does occur, we will provide immediate and compassionate victim support; a responsive and intimidation-free reporting environment inhospitable to retaliation; a timely, professional investigation; holistic care and recovery for victims; and accountability for those who commit this crime.


Transition and Relocation Program

Provide Coast Guard members with assistance when relocating, assist with transition from military to civilian careers including conducting TAP seminars, serve as the Ombudsman Program Manager.


Health Promotion Program

Conduct lifestyle/fitness assessments for units or individuals, manage and train unit Health Promotion Coordinators, provide health-related presentations and educational materials (including tobacco cessation information), conduct health screenings, and serve as a source for individual dietary guidance.


Family Child Care

Administer the Family Child Care program which certifies day care operations in Coast Guard-owned or -leased housing, assist parents with finding local child care resources, administer the GSA and Coast Guard subsidy programs.

Our Locations

CG Base Boston
427 Commercial Street
Boston MA 02109
Building 8, Deck 3
CG Base Cape Cod
Kaehler Memorial Clinic
5201 Lee Road
Buzzards Bay, MA
CG Sector New York
215 Coast Guard Drive
Staten Island, NY 10305


CG Work Life Headquarters Programs

CG-SUPRT - A new work-life resource and referral program.

Contact Work-Life Toll Free at 1-800-872-4957

(extensions will be listed when dialing the toll free number)

When prompted, enter the three digit extension of the office you wish to reach.