CG-6P Office of Privacy Management

Washington, DC

Active Collections
Publication NumberTitleExpiration Date
1625-0001Report of Marine Casualty & Chemical Testing of Commercial Vessel Personnel7/31/2022
1625-0002Applications for Vessel Inspection, Waiver, and Continuous Synopsis Record1/31/2021
1625-0003Coast Guard Boating Accident Report form (CG-3865)7/31/2022
1625-0004U.S. Coast Guard Academy Application and Supplemental Forms3/31/2019
1625-0005Application and Permit to Handle Hazardous Materials9/30/2022
1625-0006Shipping Articles (CG-705A)8/31/2022
1625-0007Characteristics of Liquid Chemicals Proposed for Bulk Water Movement10/31/2020
1625-0008Regattas and Marine Parades10/31/2020
1625-0010Defect/Noncompliance Report (CG 4917) and Campaign Update Report (CG 4918) – 33 CFR 1799/30/2022
1625-0011Private Aids to Navigation Application (CG-2554) Application for Class I Private Aids to Navigation on Artificial Islands and Fixed Structures (CG-4143) 33 CFR 66, 33 CFR 675/31/2021
1625-0012Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Mariners10/31/2021
1625-0013Plan Approval and Records for Load Lines -- Title 46 CFR Subchapter E4/30/2022
1625-0014Request for Designation and Exemption of Oceanographic Research Vessels4/30/2022
1625-0015Bridge Permit Application Guide4/30/2022
1625-0016Welding and Hot Work Permits; Posting of Warning Signs9/30/2022
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