CG-612 Directives and Publications Division

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Forms Management



Our goal is to maintain all forms used Coast Guard-wide, and, provide access to Other Government Agency (OGA) forms such as DOD, GSA, and DHS. These forms are accessible in the Adobe Acrobat application on SWIII.
Other Coast Guard Adobe Acrobat Forms:
Other Government Agency (OGA) Forms:
Forms Instruction


Viewing of forms: Internet Explorer will open forms by default.  However, other browsers may require that you download the form first.  Then, open with Adobe Reader.


How can you have your forms automated?


Forms automation for CG-wide use must come from Headquarter units. Non-headquarter units requesting forms automation for CG-wide use must go through their chain of command. Prepare and submit to CG-612 form CGHQ-3342. This form is available in Adobe Acrobat. Fill out Section A and C completely. Submit a CGHQ-3342 for each form to be automated.



How are forms creation/modification funded?

The creation/modification of new/existing forms is funded by the requesting Program Manager (PM) through a Purchase Request via the Financial Procurement Desktop (FPD). Funds Transfer Authorizations are no longer accepted or authorized.  The PM will submit a price quote request for creation or revision of forms to the Forms Manger.  The Forms Manager will then forward the request to the vendor and request a price quote.  Upon receipt of the price quote, the Forms Manager will forward the price quote along with other documents.  The PM will then complete a PR through their chain of command.  Contact the Forms Manager to obtain additional information. 



What do I need to submit to CG-612?

A filled-in copy of the form to be automated is required. This filled-in copy will be used to properly create/revise your form, ensuring adequate fill-in space. Contact the Forms Manager for further assistance.



How to cancel a form:

Prepare and submit form CGHQ 3342 to CG-612. Electronic transmissions are acceptable. Send submissions to CG-612 Forms Manager.



Questions about CG Forms:

Send e-mail to the Coast Guard Forms Manager