Modernized Organization & Functions.

The core structure of the SFLC is organized into 12 divisions, divided into two groups: five Product Lines and seven Shared Service Divisions. The Product Lines are the SFLC’s direct interface with Commanding Officers and Operational Commanders in the fleet, and provide 24X7 mission support for all cutters and boats assigned to their care. Under the Coast Guard Mission Support Business Model (CGMSBM), people in the Product Lines are experts in maintaining their assigned assets, and the Product Line Managers (PLMs) exercise exclusive control over the configuration of those assets. The five SFLC Product Lines are described below (more details are found on the SFLC Product Lines page):

Product Lines (5) PLM Locale Assets Assigned
Icebreaker and Buoy & Constr. Tender (IBCTPL) Baltimore, MD 86 hulls: Mackinaw, 225’ WLBs, 175’s, 140’s, Tenders, etc.
Long Range Enforcer (LREPL) Oakland, CA 2 Heavy Ice Breakers, 6 HECs, 4 WMSLs & Alex Haley
Medium Endurance Cutter (MECPL) Norfolk, VA 210’ MECs (14); 270’ MECs (13) & CGC Eagle
Patrol Boat Product Line (PBPL) Norfolk, VA 115+ hulls: 110’ WPBs (29); 87’ WPBs (73); 13+ FRCs
Small Boat Product Line (SBPL) Baltimore, MD >1,800 Boats in 49 classes


The second part of the SFLC core structure is composed of seven Shared Service Divisions (SSDs). The SSDs exist to support the PLMs, augmenting the PLMs with support in engineering, supply, contracting, industrial services, and logistics management. SSDs are staffed with subject matter experts, and exercise exclusive control over the engineering and logistics processes used by the SFLC and its Product Lines. The seven Shared Service Divisions are described below (more details can be found on the SFLC Shared Services Division  page):


Shared Service Divisions (7) Div Ch Locale Specialty (and Other notes)
Asset Logistics Division (ALD) Baltimore, MD Central Mgmt of Fleet Supply & SFLC Maintenance Budget
Business Operations Division (BOD) Baltimore, MD IT Systems, Metrics, Affordable Readiness, and Platform IT Cyber Security
Contracting and Procurement Division (CPD) Baltimore, MD Contracting (workforce embedded in PLs across SFLC)
Engineering Services Division (ESD) Baltimore, MD Engineering and Maintenance Programs, Tech Library
Industrial Operations Division (IOD) Norfolk, VA Central management of field depot workforce
Workforce Services Division (WSD) Baltimore, MD HR and associated workforce services
USCG Yard Baltimore, MD Cutter Renovation, Depot Availabilities, Remanufacturing