SFLC Points of Contact

SFLC Main Line: 1-800-336-7430
Use this number to inquire about a requisition, check the status of a requisition or talk to a customer service representative.

Position Name Phone
SFLC Commander CAPT Chad L. Jacoby 410-762-6012
Executive Director Kenneth R. Burgess 410-762-6011
Command Master Chief CMC Matthew J Valenti 443-220-7576
ALD Division Chief Michael F. Leonard 410-762-6110
ALD Deputy Division Chief CDR John B. Brady 410-762-6440
BOD Division Chief Jim R. Lane 410-762-6549
BOD Deputy Division Chief CDR Joshua D. Bauman 410-762-6733
CPD Division Chief Mildred A. Figuereo 410-762-6659
CPD Deputy Division Chief Thomas T. Fout 410-762-6609
ESD Division Chief David W. Waugh 410-762-6209
ESD Deputy Division Chief CDR Tyson J. Scofield 410-762-6819
IOD Division Chief CAPT Patrick J. Murphy 757-628-4564
IOD Deputy Division Chief CDR Jack W. Jackson 757-628-4566
WSD Division Chief LCDR Hector A. Castro 410-762-6804
IBCTPL Product Line Manager CDR Peter E. Fant 410-762-6716
IBCTPL Deputy Product Line Manager John A. Weiss 510-637-5900
LREPL Product Line Manager CAPT Andrew T. Pecora 510-637-5802
LREPL Deputy Product Line Manager David S. Wilhelm 410-762-6163
MECPL Product Line Manager CDR Daniel P. Keane 757-628-4618
MECPL Deputy Product Line Manager James A. Healy 757-628-4520
PBPL Product Line Manager CDR Jeffrey L. Payne 757-628-4605
PBPL Deputy Product Line Manager Michael J. Parrish 410-590-7125
SBPL Product Line Manager CDR Seth J. Denning 410-762-6164
SBPL Deputy Product Line Manager Randy L. Gardner 410-762-6736