Asset Logistics Division (ALD)

The Asset Logistics Division (ALD) serves as the fiscal, finance, supply and logistics expert for the entire command structure. Administering a multi-million dollar annual budget, ALD is responsible for the oversight and handling of all OE, Supply Fund, AC&I and Industrial accounts. ALD manages the surface fleet's Inventory Control Point (ICP) comprised of a primary warehouse located in Baltimore, MD as well as numerous remote stock points, located throughout the U.S. ALD provides audit and training expertise to insure ICP and field unit compliance with Chief Financial Officer (CFO) mandates. Finally, ALD manages a Mobile Support Unit (MSU) comprised of reserve personnel. The MSU is responsible for supporting two simultaneous operations anywhere in the world where 110' Island Class Cutters are involved.

  • Fiscal Operations Branch
  • Logistics Compliance Branch
  • Logistics Supply Support Branch
  • Mobile Support Branch

Business Operations Division (BOD)

The Business Operations Division (BOD) provides data / business case analysis support, information technology support services and quality program management for the product lines and shared service divisions to ensure that they have the information they require on a timely basis and that the organization focuses on affordable readiness and continuous improvement.

  • Business Performance Branch
  • Business Systems Branch
  • Information Services Branch

Contracting and Procurement Division (CPD)

The role of the Contracting and Procurement Division (CPD) is to both ensure a proper contracting governance strategy for the SFLC and provide a comprehensive, effective and efficient contracting support to the various branches of the Product Lines and Shared Service Divisions. To do this we manage the procurement of supplies, program depot maintenance, engineering services and other services. Our main responsibilities comprise procurement planning, solicitation, contract award, contract closeout, appropriate QA inspections, and COTR technical oversight; in addition, we directly address warranty issues, assist the development of acquisition planning, ensure delivery/acceptance, and assist with a contract's statement-of-work through to contract closeout, and if necessary, termination and litigation. The beforehand mentioned responsibilities are not comprehensive; to be further introduced to our division, please take a look at our branch pages and our division's SOP. Contracting authority, policy, processes and CPD chain of command are all linked directly to the SFLC COCO. Sincerely, B. Kuklinski

Title Name Phone
C&P Division Chief Mildred Escobosa 410-762-6659
C&P Deputy Division Chief Thomas Fout 410-762-6609
Division Secretary Vacant 410-762-6610
FOIA POC Michael Sears 757-628-4659


  • Contracting and Procurement Admin Branch
  • Contracting and Procurement Branch #1
  • Contracting and Procurement Branch #2
  • Contracting and Procurement Branch #3

Engineering Services Division (ESD)

The Engineering Services Division (ESD) Provides engineering services, technical publications, engineering technical authority, maintenance procedure card (MPC) development (cross platform Maintenance Procedure Cards), and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) support services.

  • Electronics and Ordnance Branch
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Branch
  • Survivability and Sustainment Branch
  • Technical Information Management Branch

Industrial Operations Division (IOD)

The Industrial Operations Division (IOD) Flexible, agile, high quality and cost effective industrial support services are essential to our operational partners. The Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Industrial Operations Division (IOD) is committed to delivering these support services and adapting to the changing operational environment and priorities to ensure they are provided correctly the first time, every time. The IOD is a geographically-distributed organization which includes all Base Naval Engineering Departments and their subordinate Industrial Production Facilities (IPFs) and Maintenance and Weapons Augmentation Activities (MWAs). The Advanced Ship System, Instruction, and Support Team (ASSIST) is also part of IOD.

  • ASSIST Branch
  • Compliance Branch
  • Project Management Branch

Workforce Services Division (WSD)

The Workforce Services Division (WSD) provides administrative and personnel management support to the SFLC's military and civilian workforce. The division chief is designated the Commanding Officer of military personnel, and the WSD maintains the Personnel Allowance List (PAL) and manages actions related to PAL changes.

  • Military Management Branch
  • Workforce Management Branch


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