JANUARY, 1st 2018





Defense.gov: New Military Retirement System Effective Jan. 1, 2018: Opt-in Period for Eligible Service members Opens (December 19, 2017)    Military Times: New retirement system’s retention bonus will be lowest allowed by law (November 29, 2017)    Federal News Radio: Pros & cons of ‘blended retirement system’ (November 7, 2017)    Military Times: As retirement decision looms, less than half of eligible troops have taken mandatory training (October 31, 2017)   Wall Street Journal: The Military Hopes to Spur Savings With a New Retirement Plan (October 8, 2017)    Omaha World-Herald: Service members weigh options as military prepares to launch big changes to retirement (September 26, 2017)    Omaha World-Herald: Pentagon defends military’s ‘lump sum’ retirement option, which critics call a ‘bad deal’ (September 26, 2017)    Fox Business: New military retirement lump sum payout option: What you need to know. (September 17, 2017)    Federal News Radio: Blended retirement for military members is coming soon. Here’s how it’ll work (September 12, 2017)    FEDweek: TSP Expenses Jumped Over 30 Percent in 2016, Still Ridiculously Low (September 5, 2017)    Andrews Gazette: Fleet and Family Support Center hosts monthly class on BRS (August 25, 2017)    Government Executive: Blended retirement gets a mascot (August 23, 2017)    Navy/Marine Corps Times: New retirement plan empowers service members (August 21, 2017)    Investment News: New military pension rules need financial advisers to step up and serve (June 23, 2017)   Fort Hood Sentinel: DoD launches retirement calculator (June 22, 2017)   DoughRoller.net: Important Updates to the Military’s Blended Retirement System You Need to Know (June 20, 2017)   Defense.gov: Defense Department Launches Retirement System Comparison Calculator (June 6, 2017)   Defense.gov: DoD Launches Blended Retirement System Comparison Calculator (June 6, 2017)   Government Executive: Most TSP Funds Make Gains in May (June 1, 2017)   Time.com: What U.S. Military Need to Know About Their New Retirement Plan (May 10, 2017)   Time.com: The Military Is Revamping Its Retirement System to Attract Millennials (April 13, 2017)   WSJ: Workers can sabotage their retirements by dipping into 401(k) accounts early (April 3, 2017)    Kiplinger: What you Need to Know About the New Retirement System, see page 5 (October 2016)   



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