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Accretion of Duties

Accretion of duties is defined as a non-competitive promotion of an employee whose position is being reclassified to a higher grade level because of additional duties and responsibilities. When preparing requests for a non-competitive promotion under this authority, management and the servicing human resources specialist must assure the circumstances under which the action is being appropriately considered and if processed, documented in the employee’s official personnel folder. Management should submit requests to their servicing human resources specialist and be prepared to discuss some of the following items:

  • Have the major duties of the employee’s old position been absorbed into the new position and are plans in place to abolish the former position?
  • Does the new position have known promotion potential? If yes, then competitive procedures are required and this action no longer can be considered as a non-competitive action.
  • Do the additional duties adversely affect another employee’s position within the unit?
  • Does the employee meet all requirements for promotion, such as time-in-grade restriction?