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Dues Withholding

Dues withholding is not a statutory requirement; rather, a dues withholding agreement between an agency and a union is negotiable. The agency and the union may decide to formalize dues withholding arrangements by including them as part of a basic negotiated agreement or in a separate memorandum of understanding.

  • When authorized, management is required to deduct from the pay of an employee dues which are required to maintain membership in the union that represents his/her bargaining unit. Such allotments shall be made at no cost to the employee or the union.
  • Membership of the union is voluntary and done at the employees’ discretion. Employees choose membership by completing a SF-1187.
  • Payroll deductions continue as long as employee is eligible to be in the bargaining unit or until employee cancels membership. Except for when employees are reassigned to another position which is ineligible to be in a bargaining unit, employees may only cancel membership after one year or in accordance with bargaining unit provisions. The negotiated arrangement of dues withholding indicates when and how often changes to membership may be made. Cancellation of membership is done by completing a SF-1188.
  • Dues withholding will terminate if the agreement between the agency and the union ceases to be applicable to the employee or if the employee is suspended or expelled from membership.
  • It is considered an unfair labor practice for a union to deny membership to an employee in a bargaining unit except for failure to pay dues as required for acquiring and retaining membership.