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Negotiated Grievance Procedure

The purpose of the grievance procedure is to provide a fair, equitable and timely forum for review and resolution of employment-related matters. The Negotiated Grievance Procedure (NGP) for a unit is defined in the contract or labor agreement. The NGP spells out the timeframes and procedures that must be followed when a grievance is filed by a bargaining unit employee under the NGP. Under a negotiated grievance procedure a grievance is defined as any complaint:

  • By any employee concerning any matter relating to the employment of the employee;
  • By any labor organization concerning any matter relating to the employment of the employee;
  • By any employee, labor organization, or agency concerning the effect of interpretation or claim of breach of a collective bargaining agreement;
  • Any claimed violation, misinterpretation, or misapplication of any law, rule, or regulation affecting conditions of employment.
  • Some matters are excluded from grievance procedure coverage. Those exclusions are listed in the NGP. Unions and employees are protected from retaliation for filing grievances and should be viewed as a viable means for resolving disputes. Matters which are not resolved during the grievance process can be forwarded to arbitration.
  • A union steward normally presents a grievance on behalf of the employee or union. The union steward represents bargaining unit employees with grievances regardless of whether they are dues paying members or not.
  • Below are some tips for handling a grievance under the Negotiated Grievance Procedure:
    • Contact your servicing HR Specialist or Command Staff Advisor
    • Familiarize yourself with the grievance, applicable contract provisions and general issue before the grievance meeting.
    • During the meeting, ask clarifying questions, take notes and demonstrate respect for the process and the individuals involved.
    • Hold the meeting in a private space and avoid interruptions.
    • After the meeting, thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding the grievance before you issue a decision.
    • Make sure you issue your decision in a timely manner and request an extension if circumstances prevent you from meeting decision deadlines.
    • Keep close contact with CSA/HR Specialist throughout the process.
    • Make sure your decision is well-reasoned and will serve the best interests of the Command.
    • Maintain mutual respect, as your relationship with your employee(s) will extend beyond the issues of today’s grievance.

Please check with your local HR Specialist or Command Staff Advisor if you have any questions regarding the Negotiated Grievance Procedure.