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FedHR supports federal human resource processes from hire to retire. The system automates portions of the human resources function including personnel/payroll/recruitment request tracking and onboarding. The system supports online forms completion, digital signature, routing, and notification.

System Highlights
  • Streamlines process and workflow
  • Provides transparency of action
  • Enables users to initiate and track cases
  • Enables HR staff to flag cases with a status, date, and comments
  • Automates the notification process (case opening, transfer, and closure)

For Civilian Employees: FedHR provides a secure employee self-service to submit/track requests to the Human Resources office, as well as, a suite of tools, functions, and information on employee benefits. For example, the suite includes retirement and financial planning tools and online seminars covering employee benefits. The retirement planner enables employees to plan ahead by combining Federal retirement, private savings/investment, Social Security, and spouse retirement information into a consolidated financial forecast. The retirement planner calculates the likelihood of meeting retirement income goals. Note: The retirement planning tools are self-guided and we encourage employees to request official retirement estimates from the Office of Civilian Human Resources, Civilian Retirement and Benefits Service Center (CG-1211RBSC) prior to their actual retirement date.

For Human Resources: FedHR provides a platform to research, track, and manage customer inquiries. The dashboard style functions and embedded reports facilitate workload management including volume and timeliness of work.

For Supervisors: FedHR provides tools to manage and track Personnel Action, Classification and Recruitment Requests. NOTE: Effective 15 Jun 17: Supervisors will initiate, upload supporting documents, digitally sign, and submit HR requests directly within FedHR then reassign the case to the servicing HR Specialist for processing. USCG.AskHR@uscg.mil will no longer be a part of the submission process but will remain available to answer questions as necessary. Civilian Resource Coordinators will provide FedHR guidance prior to implementation.