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Coast Guard Military Human Resource Records Section



Adding Records to the CGMHRR


Authorized documents generated by P&A or SPO offices should be automatically added to iPERMS, however, if members identify missing documents they can start the update to their CGMHRR records by providing copies to their P&A office for upload into iPERMS. The scanned documents are submitted within iPERMS in a batch. iPERMS will send system-generated emails informing the member when a new item has been added to their CGMHRR.  Do not call or email iPERMS to find out the status of the batch.  Your P&A can provide you with the status by running the Batch Originator reports in iPERMS.

Members are not authorized to submit documents directly to the CGMHRR .  Members must contact their respective Record Managers (P&A) for assistance.

Degree Completion Transcripts MUST be validated by the CG Education & Training Quota Management Command (ETQC).  For instructions on how to have an official education transcript sent to the ETQC for validation and data entry in Direct Access (DA), please visit the ETQC's website here:  and click on "adding a degree completion to Direct Access" which will expand the section showing the detailed instructions. Once the ETQC validates the official education transcript, it will be added to your CGMHRR.

Items authorized for inclusion: