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Personnel Data Records



NOTE - All Personnel Data Record (PDR) Documents must be handled by the Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) or Personnel and Administration (P&A) unit. they will ensure proper procedures are followed in order to get your documents to the PSC Military Records section for inclusion in the official military EI-PDR.

We do not maintain MEDICAL records here at PSC. Please refer to Page 3 of the (SF)-180 to determine where your medical file should be.

Members should provide all documents to their servicing SPO or P&A to ensure proper action is taken to review and forward documents to BOPS-MR.

SPOs: ** NOTE - The following is for SPO/P&A USE ONLY **
Detailed instructions on scanning and e-mailing documents to BOPS-MR can be found on the PPC P&D Branch Direct Access User Guides Page (Reports and Queries) Electronically Imaged PDR (EI-PDR) via WebNow.

All new submissions must be sent to: HQS-SMB-CGPSC-BOPS-MR-SPOSupport

Urgent Board Entries must be subjected "URGENT BOARD ENTRY"


Degree Completion Transcripts MUST be validated by the CG Education & Training Quota Management Command (ETQC).  For instructions on how to have an official education transcript sent to the ETQC for validation and data entry in Direct Access (DA), please visit the ETQC's website here: and click on "adding a degree completion to Direct Access" which will expand the section showing the detailed instructions. Once the ETQC validates the official education transcript, it will be sent by ETQC to PSC-BOPS-MR for inclusion in the member's EI-PDR.