Director of Operational Logistics

Admiral Carola List, Director

 The Director of Operational Logistics (DOL) provides mission support logistics during contingency operations and maintains the 24x7 DCMS watch to effectively facilitate support to the field during normal operations and contingencies across the entire Coast Guard enterprise.

 As the direct representative of the Deputy Commandant Mission Support (DCMS), the DOL maintains a national level logistics common operating picture (COP). The DOL provides contingency logistics planning for both Coast Guard and joint operational plans, integrates logistics services throughout the Coast Guard, and supports tactical logistics needs for deployed operational assets.

The DOL has command authority of the Coast Guard's seventeen Bases and two detachments to ensure that each Base executes their assigned mission sets as directed by each Logistics and Service Center. This ensures standardized support delivery across the Coast Guard.


DOL - Director
Admiral Carola List
Norfolk, VA 757-628-4488

DOL - Deputy Director
Captain Gregory H. Magee
Norfolk, VA 757-628-4165

DOL – Command Master Chief
Master Chief Henry J. Audette
Norfolk, VA 757-628-4861


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DCMS Watch

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