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The primary goal of the Ombudsman Program is for every member and their families to have access to an ombudsman. Access to an ombudsman is defined as either having an ombudsman assigned to a member’s command, or having an ombudsman from another unit servicing the member’s command.
An ombudsman is a volunteer who is, most often, the spouse of an active duty or reserve member. If a CO/OIC is unable to select the spouse of an active duty or reserve unit member for their command, there are procedures for requesting a waiver in enclosure (1) of COMDTINST 1750.4E. These procedures include the option to appoint a reservist or an Auxiliary member as an ombudsman.
The Ombudsman Coordinator is a collateral duty that may be assigned to any member of the work-life staff. Ombudsman coordinators provide guidance, advice, and support to commands and local ombudsmen.

Ombudsman Program

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OMBUDSMAN SUPERVISOR LCDR Thomas Wieland Thomas.F.Wieland@uscg.mil
BASE KODIAK Nicole Tschida ombudsmanbasekodiak@gmail.com
AIRSTA KODIAK Elycia Steenbergen airstakodiakombud@gmail.com / elycia.steenbergen@gmail.com
ESD KODIAK see BASE KODIAK ombudsmanbasekodiak@gmail.com
USCGC DOUGLAS MUNRO Ericka Thompson munroombudsman@gmail.com
USCGC SPAR Danielle Shultz sparombudsman@yahoo.com
USCGC ALEX HALEY Erin Maida erin.maida23@gmail.com
ANT KODIAK see AIRSTA KODIAK airstakodiakombud@gmail.com
North Pacific RFTC Nicole Tschida ombudsmanbasekodiak@gmail.com