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Housing Waiting List

Once the member and any accompanying family members have completed their overseas screening and have been approved, they will be added to the housing wait list. As part of the overseas screening process, the member will submit form CG-5267 Application for Assignment to Military Housing, which will let the Housing Office know the number of dependents, any special needs , any pets and if the member intends to buy a house or live on the civilian economy.  The date of overseas entry approval will determine placement on the waiting list.

The size of a house and the number of bedrooms are based solely upon the number of dependents accompanying the member. Assignments are made in order of the wait list as soon as a house become available that meets the family’s size. Personal belongings or number of pets are not considered in in the assignment of a house. Waiting for a more favorable house to become available, even at member’s expense is not an option.

Housing Wait List


It is highly recommended that the member make lodging arrangements well in advance of arrival as Kodiak hotels fill up quickly, especially during the summer tourism season. Personnel reporting to Kodiak should make hotel/lodging reservations for no less than two weeks upon arrival.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)
TLA is an entitlement used in certain situations. TLA can be claimed while waiting upon household goods delivery provided the member and family do not occupy the unit. Partial TLA, meals and incidentals can be claimed while lodging in assigned home and awaiting the delivery of household goods.

For arriving members TLA claims must be completed every 10 days while awaiting house assignment and delivery of house hold goods.


1. Can I request a certain neighborhood or type of house? Of course, we would love to assign everyone the house they want, however, housing assignment is made based on availability of the size house for which a member and family are qualified.

2. Can I paint and decorate the interior rooms of the house? Yes, you can repaint interior rooms with understanding that you must repaint back the original color upon checking out of the unit. Hanging pictures, curtains, flat screen televisions, etc is allowed as well as long as no excessive damage or alteration is done. Drilling large holes for routing wires or nailing into trim work around windows and doors is considered excess damage.

(More FAQ's to come...)

Government Owned and Leased Housing Resident Handbook

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Request for Housing Assignment Determination

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Housing Complaint Form

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Inspection Check-off Form

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Recreation Vehicle Registration Form


Contact the Housing Branch:

907-487-5170 x 6638, 6639, 6640, 6641, 6642, 6643