Administrative Services

Personnel & Administrative Division 

Base San Juan 

Division Chief 
CWO Kimberly Timmerman

Division CPO 
YNC Carlos A. Molina
Active Duty 
YN1 Jovany Delanuez 
YN1 Laurin Malone
YN2 Ginacia Dusatko
YN2 Daniel Hernandez
YN3 Keshya Cameron Feliciano 

YN3 Joel Figueroa Martinez

YN3 Jason Hines


The Personnel and Administrative division provides expertise in unit administration and personnel actions for active duty, reserve, and civilian members assigned to Sector San Juan, Base San Juan, and Tenant Units. They also review, support, and initiate all Coast Guard (CG) mandated pay and/or personnel transactions submitted to the Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) Divisions, manage Temporary Duty and Permanent Change of Station orders for all personnel, and offer travel and transportation administrative support; including assistance with travel claim submissions.