Family PCS Resources

Work-Life Programs

The Coast Guard recognizes that Work-Life balance is critical to individual and organization success. Work-life programs provide resources for the entire Coast Guard family. Whether preparing for deployment, PCS move, or an emergency event, in times of stress or joy, your work-life staff is committed to bringing you together with the highest quality information resources, and services.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program (SAPR)

  • Rape and Sexual Assault Awareness Trainings & Reporting
  • Victim Advocate Program Management
  • Resources & Support

Transition & Relocation Program

  • Ombudsman Program Coordinator                        
  • Relocation Resources & Assistance                
  • Spouse Employment Assistance                     
  • Job Search & Career Planning                        
  • Transition Assistance Program

Family Resource Program

  • Personal Financial Management                     
  • School Liaison & Scholarship Assistance                   
  • Adoption Reimbursement                   
  • Deployment Assistance

Special Needs Program

  • Assistance & Resources for Special Needs Family Members
  • Guidance for Active Duty CG Members on Program 
  • Requirements & Enrollment Responsibilities

Family Advocacy Program

  • Family & Intimate Partner Violence Crisis Intervention                    
  • Case Management                   
  • Victim Advocacy                    
  • Offender Education & Treatment                 
  • Prevention Training

Employee Assistance Program

  • Suicide Prevention & Intervention Trainings, Information & Referrals                     
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Trainings & Response               
  • Critical Incident Stress Response
  • Training & Response
  • Personal Financial Management Program                
  • American Red Cross Liaison

Health Promotion Program

  • Health Risk Assessments                   
  • Health & Fitness Training                  
  • Stress Management    
  • Tobacco Cessation                  
  • Weight Management Assistance                     
  • Nutrition Counseling

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Substance Misuse & Abuse Prevention                      
  • Screening, Education & Treatment for AD CG Members

Domestic Violence Shelters

Washington State:

Oregon State:

Special Needs Program Resources