C5I Department

The Base Boston C5I Department coordinates all Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence system support throughout the First District Area of Responsibility. The C5I Department consists of three divisions:

  1. ESD Operations Division (eo) - Provides command, control, and supervision of regional ESD's in AOR. Completes maintenance program defined by C5ISC (PM, CM, TCTO) and properly prioritized by CGCYBER. Manages use of AFC-42 funds in coordination with C5ISC ALD.
  2. Maintenance Oversight Division (em) - Provides overall ET, IT, and R21 maintenance program oversight for the region. Monitors and engages C5ISC & CGCYBER on performance metrics. Regional technical authority to assist with drafting C5ISC TCTOs.
  3. CYBER and Contingency Liaison Division (ec) - Provides liaison to CGCYBER and cyberspace operations. Leads C5I efforts in support of regional contingency responses. Engages District (t) and Area (6) to ensure alignment with operations.

The Maintenance Control Officer or MCO is responsible for all maintenance-related functions with the Base Boston Area of Responsibility.

The Base Boston C5I Department consists of nine Electronic Systems Support Detachments (ESDs):

  • ESD Southwest Harbor, ME
  • ESD South Portland, ME
  • ESDD Burlington, VT
  • Base Boston ESD
  • Base Cape Cod ESD
  • ESDD Newport, RI
  • ESD New Haven, CT
  • ESD Long Island, NY
  • ESD New York, NY

Have a C5I Issue?

1-855-CGFIXIT (855-243-4948) is your one-stop shop for all C5I related issues. Please use the icon on your Standard Workstation Desktop or call 1-855-243-4948 to report an issue or submit a work order.

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