Facilities Engineering

Base Boston Facilities Engineering Department (FED) manages 590K sq. ft. of shore plant encompassing 12 acres with a plant replacement value of $303M. FED is responsible for all Facilities Maintenance, Environmental, and Safety compliance, and acts as the Regional FE support to Sector Boston and Sector Northern New England while operating under the technical authority of the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC).

  • Facilities: Maintenance, repair, and construction of all buildings, grounds, and utilities, in addition to small scale construction, snow removal, housing maintenance, energy conservation program, infrastructure certifications, space planning, project execution and management, facility condition and damage assessments, and service contract management.
  • Environmental: Management of environmental compliance and pollution prevention programs, hazardous materials & hazardous waste.
  • Safety: Fire Prevention/Fire Marshal, manage safety compliance programs (OMSEP, etc.), equipment training (Bobcat, forklift).
  • Regional FE: Outside the fence line support, primary point of contact for shore OLM issues, consultations for SAM system, work order process, equipment enrollment/preventative maintenance, project prioritization submissions, real property, and planning guidance.

USCG Base Boston
427 Commercial Street
Boston, MA 02109-1027

LCDR Keely Higbie
Facilities Engineer

Mr. Bob Garcia
Asst. Facilities Engineer

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