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“To be the shipyard and marine maintenance facility of choice.”


The Coast Guard YARD shall be a leader in environmental protection and in the prevention of pollution. Through innovative work and management practices, wise use of our limited resources, a commitment to continual improvement, and by diligent regulatory compliance, we will accomplish our vital Coast Guard missions while preserving the environment for the future.


The environmental management system covers all aspects and operations that occur physically within or are generated from the 113-acre campus. Additionally, the system extends organizationally to all Coast Guard Yard employee action and the tenant commands of the Yard.


We are committed to providing marine products which consistently meet our customer’s requirements.

We will implement and monitor a continually improving quality system, ensuring that all processes are evaluated for effectiveness.

We will strive to continuously build expertise in all product lines and ensure we provide value to the Coast Guard as a Core Logistics Facility.



VALUE:    We shall meet our customer’s needs with the maximum value in product and service, on time and at a competitive price. We shall continually improve our total quality. We shall use innovative solutions to ensure we consistently provide value to the Coast Guard.


  • Identify and improve the efficiency of our performance in our core business processes.
  • Use and strengthen our ISO 9001 quality management system to continually improve the quality of our products and services.
  • Maintain our labor rate at a competitive level that is optimum for our customers and for our business efficiency.
  • Develop short and long-term plans that promote continuous and efficient employment of our core expertise, improving our responsiveness to our customer’s needs.
  • Balance and optimize our workforce to ensure that our core businesses are delivered on time and efficiently.

WORKFORCE:   We will promote safety, trust, integrity, equality, recognition, and mutual respect. We shall continue to ensure a stable work environment for our employees by matching the skills and expertise of our workforce to the needs of the Coast Guard. We shall provide and efficiently manage the infrastructure to ensure our employees and tenants have the best possible tools and facilities.

  • Provide a safe and positive work environment for our employees.
  • Develop work plans for near and long term work to ensure efficient utilization of our workforce.
  • Sponsor programs that provide opportunities for employee participate and recognition.
  • Through the use of the Capital Asset Management Plan ensure our workforce has the tools and facilities they need to do their best work.

RELATIONSHIPS:   We shall establish effective partnerships with our internal and external suppliers, partners and customers that enable us to improve quality, lower costs and meet schedule. We shall effectively deliver and increase the core expertise valued by our support partners to serve the fleet.

  • Promote open communications with our suppliers, partners, and customers to ensure that the Yard workload supports the successful completion of all projects.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction by obtaining customer input and providing effective and responsive services.
  • Use the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure that all of the customer’s requirements are successfully met.

COMMUNITY:   We shall positively represent the Coast Guard as responsible neighbors within the local community and by demonstrating leadership in all areas of the marine repair industry, including environmental management. Through our environmental stewardship, we shall leverage improvement in all of our business processes.

  • Maintain an active Community and Public Relations program.
  • Provide updates to the community on all environmental issues.
  • As a priority business practice reflecting the unique culture of our publicly funded facility, leadership is committed to maintaining positive public opinion, and is accountable to an informed taxpayer.
  • Use and strengthen the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to ensure continuous improvement of our environmental stewardship.