Clinic Phone Number: 410-636-7506
After Hours Emergency/Duty HS Phone Number: 202-423-8404

Clinic Overview

The Yard Clinic is staffed with one medical officer, a physician's assistant, and one dental officer. We are also supported by physicians, dentists and physician’s assistants from the Base NCR Clinic as needed.

The Clinic is staffed and equipped to provide outpatient care to Active Duty and eligible Select Reserve service members in the area. We also provide comprehensive Occupational Health monitoring for uniformed service members and Yard employees exposed to occupational hazards.
The staff provides physical examinations, ancillary services such as immunizations, allergy shots, clinical laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and referral services to other treatment facilities for specialty care.

Hours of Operation

The Clinic is open from 0730 - 1130 Monday through Friday and 1230 - 1600 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday afternoons, 1230, we are closed for training but will respond to emergencies that present to the clinic or on campus when the 3000 line is activated.

After-Hours Care

To report on-base emergencies anytime, dial x3000 for Medical, Fire Department and Security response.

The Duty Health Services Technician (Duty HS) is available by phone 24 hours a day to assist personnel with any medical needs or concerns. They are on standby at the clinic front desk from 1600 to 1900, Mon – Fri, to provide basic support, assistance and limited response. You can reach the Duty HS anytime by calling (202) 423-8404.

If you experience an obvious true medical emergency off-base and after-hours (i.e., chest pain, broken bone, etc.) please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. For non-emergent and non-urgent illnesses or injuries please contact the Duty HS. They are trained to assess your illness or injury based on your symptoms and to provide guidance on how to proceed and/or access healthcare.

The responsibilities of the Duty HS consist of providing support and guidance with ALL after-hours medical needs. The Duty HS may refer your call to the Nurse Advice Line, 1-800-874-2273, option 1 or on to Clinic Administration as needed or requested.

As a reminder, report all emergency room visits to your unit OOD/CDO, and then contact the Duty HS to schedule a follow-up appointment with your PCM.

Medical Services

Medical care at the Yard Clinic is by appointment only and they can be scheduled by calling (410) 636-7505/7506, or if on-base, extension 7505/7506 anytime after 0730. We no longer offer Walk-In Sick-call services. Personnel that present as a walk-in will be offered a same day appointment. Same day appointments are reserved for acute illness or injuries that have started or worsened within the last 24 hours. Please contact the Clinic Administrator, 410-636-3183, if we cannot schedule any appointment within prescribed access to care standards, Acute, within 24 hours, Routine, within 7 to 28 days and Wellness/Specialty within 28 days.

Dental Services

The Dental Clinic offers annual exam, limited restoration procedures and cleanings for active duty personnel and reserve personnel on orders exceeding 30 days. To schedule a dental appointment please dial (410) 636-3161 or if on-base, extension 3161.

Physical Examinations/Periodic Health Assessments (PHA's)

Physical exams and PHA's are by appointment only. PHA's are required annually and can be scheduled two months before the member's birth month. To schedule a PHA please call (410) 636-7506 or if on-base, extension 7506.

Non-prescription Medication Program

For self-treatment of minor illnesses, the Clinic offers a non-prescription medication program at no cost. This program is available to active duty members, dependents or retirees enrolled in TRICARE Standard only. There is a limit of two items per individual or family per week. No appointment is necessary, just check-in at the pharmacy during normal clinic working hours with a valid ID card.

Important Links

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