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Coast Guard Military Human Resource Records Section



Duplicate and Misfiled Documents in the CGMHRR


It is important to understand that documents can be filed in multiple folders but are not considered duplicate documents.  Individual documents have identifiers associated with them based on document type that allows that one document to be viewed in up to four different folders in the record.  Check the CGMHRR Required Documents List in order to find the name, title, and primary folder where the documents could be filed under.

Individual Members do not have the capabilities to create cases in iPERMS in order to fix duplicate documents in their records.

Members still affiliated with the USCG must contact their P&A in order to request the removal of duplicate documents.  Members still affiliated with the USCG who wish to request a complete removal of a document must follow procedures for “Correcting a Military Record” IAW CIM 1080.10 (series).

All record amendments for members no longer affiliated with the USCG:

For DD-214 correction requestors should contact HQS-DG-M-CGPSC-BOPS-C

For all other corrections requestors will need to submit a case with the Board for Correction of Military Records